Iskratel simplifies Telekom …

Significant optical network upgrades to the next generation of PON broadband optical network are now easier as Telekom Slovenije has successfully tested the Iskratel Lumia C16 product.

Iskratel Lumia C16, a combined OLT for Combo PON (XGS-PON and GPON in one), has already been successfully tested by many operators, as it is suitable for the density of users in urban and rural areas, and above all it is ideal for different needs of users .from four typical (Broadband Internet, TV, Telephone, Wireless Services) to the most demanding domestic users, from home office needs to mobile base station connectivity,” said Mitja Gulja, Director of Business Development at Iskratel’s Dostop business unit.

“At Telekom Slovenije, we are leaders in the introduction of 10Gb (10Gb/s) home optics. In addition to higher data transfer speeds and improved performance, we also want to take advantage of the flexibility offered by Combo PON OLTs,” said Dr. Mitja Štular, Board Member of Telekom Slovenije, responsible for technology. Combo PON technology accelerates the integration and standardization of optical access networks. In addition to providing services to both domestic users and businesses, the unified network will also connect mobile communications base stations – not only 5G, but also future generations of mobile networks. “

Iskratel’s OLT family includes a full range of GPON, XGS-PON and Combo PON technologies, meeting the diverse needs of operators for the transition between optical access technologies. The premium Iskratel Lumia C16 is a unique PON OLT Combo that offers exceptional versatility and flexibility for GPON and XGS-PON layouts at the same time. Iskratel Lumia C16 is energy efficient and in line with Iskratel’s environmental strategy, as it effectively affects the reduction of energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are delighted that our Combo PON OLT benefits are being recognized by one of the most comprehensive telecom service providers in the region,” concluded Mitja Gulja. “The Iskratel Lumia C16 will enable Telekom Slovenije to continue its path to the next generation of access networks.”

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