Lexmark New Printing Dimensions

Lexmark introduced a new family of printing devices: the Lexmark CX730/735 Smart MFP and the Lexmark CS730/735.

The new devices utilize color laser printing technology and are designed for medium-sized workgroups of 10 to 15 users who need high productivity, high print quality, and advanced software support. Thanks to its new security solutions, it is also among the safest on the market.

The Lexmark CX730 and Lexmark CS735 are equipped with a large 7-inch (17.8 cm) and 4.3 inch (10.8 cm) color touch screen, respectively, and are used by users similarly to a tablet.

The devices come preloaded with several applications that make it easier to work and perform with different documents. With the help of these applications, companies can perfectly adapt their work to the documents for their needs, thus saving time. Multifunction devices are equipped with the Scan Center application, which turns them into an ideal solution for digitizing documents in the file system, as it greatly simplifies the capture, sending and sharing of scanned documents to various locations in the company. The Lexmark CX735adse is a true high volume document scanning machine, with an automatic feeder with an ultrasonic sensor that ensures the highest feeding accuracy and allows scanning speeds of up to 98 A4 pages per minute.

High performance in all areas

The new devices can print in black and white and color at speeds of up to 40ppm, and are suitable for work environments where the print load of a single device does not exceed 120,000 pages per month. It is equipped with Unison inks, which allow printing up to 22,000 black and white pages or 10,500 color pages. The devices contain an Intelligent Storage Drive (ISD), an SSD that delivers faster startup, faster data acquisition, and greater operational reliability than SATA bus drives.

The new machines have a maximum total paper capacity of 3,300 sheets, and additional 550-sheet trays give users greater autonomy and additional flexibility for print jobs. Companies can print advanced products on new machines in high-quality colors and at the highest resolution, thus saving the cost of delivering materials (brochures, catalogs, etc.) to outside contractors.

top colors

New printing devices provide high reliability in color printing – from the first page to the last page. It is equipped with the Lexmark Color Replacement solution, which allows companies to store in their devices the color presets they use in their documents, which are aligned with the PANTONE colorimeter, so the color output on the printer is the same as that of a computer monitor calibration.

safe design

Many of Lexmark’s security features help protect data in documents, on your device, across the network, and anywhere in between. All new models are now equipped with a dedicated security chip, the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), as well as standard security mechanisms, which provide a more secure experience with hard drive encryption keys stored on a separate piece of hardware. It can also help boost encryption by generating random numbers, which helps securely identify cloud-connected printers and other applications.

Advanced printers are also equipped with performance sensors that constantly monitor hundreds of parameters. In combination with Internet of Things and Lexmark Cloud Services, companies can improve device performance and uptime, offer predictive maintenance, and automatically provision consumables based on device load.

Lexmark’s innovative and intelligent appliances offer many advanced functions that were hitherto not found in this segment. Customers can count on the new devices to provide them with a high-quality experience in printing color documents, while further simplifying or speeding up working with paper documents and converting them to digital form. Dominic CelanLexmark representative for Slovenia.

You can find more at www.smark.si. (Public relations)

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