Paper Matipad Meet: The First…

MatePad Paper, advanced for comfortable reading and writing, is Huawei’s latest contribution to the rich ecosystem of devices and services.

The new tablet features an E-ink display[1], which is generally used for the first time in any Huawei device. As the name suggests, it offers unattainable comfort in reading and writing, or a feel similar to writing on real paper. At the same time, the screen is the first in the world to receive TÜV Rheinland Paper Like Display certification, a confirmation that the screen is very easy on the eye. In addition, the new tablet offers advanced technical features that provide a new experience for using such screens, such as support for the second generation of the M-Pencil stylus.

Innovative writing experience

The innovative design of the back provides a book-like appearance, so the sense of the situation is the same. Huawei MatePad Paper has captured the iconic minimalist aesthetics of the previous series of tablets that were upgraded with a vegan leather cover. The pleasant texture adds a sophisticated touch, but at the same time provides a soft and silky grip for a very comfortable use.

Designed as a laptop, the device is thin and lightweight at 360 grams, allowing for comfortable reading while being held in the palm of your hand. It is equipped with a 10.3 inch (16.6 cm) Huawei FullView display for an in-depth and eye-friendly reading experience. Passed ten required exams at the same time[2]It has the above-mentioned TÜV Rheinland certification. In addition, it uses smart update mode[3], which automatically adjusts the refresh rate according to the content displayed on the screen. This ensures an optimal viewing experience.

Unique combination of screen and stylus

Huawei MatePad Paper has built-in support for the second generation M-Pencil stylus, which can recognize up to 4,096 pressure levels with a low delay time of only 26ms[4]. The unique combination of screen and revolutionary stylus makes writing on paper an equalizing experience. Including the gentle “stealing” sound you hear when you touch the surface with the tip of a pen. A familiar feel that takes the user experience to a new level.

To bring back the feel of writing on paper, the new tablet not only inherits the convenient use and capabilities of the MatePad series, such as double-tap to change “tools,” automatic Bluetooth connectivity and magnetic charging, but also introduces a number of new features such as note-taking on a shared screen. For this reason, Huawei MatePad Paper is the perfect recording tool. In addition, it also supports automatic handwriting of text and recording, which in addition to the realistic user experience leads to higher productivity.

Pioneering smart office experience

As part of the smart office ecosystem, Huawei MatePad Paper enables seamless collaboration between devices. Whenever you feel tired while reading on a computer or monitor screen, you’ll be able to easily transfer content to your new tablet and take advantage of the most eye-friendly e-ink technology. You can also use it as an additional drive for storing files, thanks to Huawei’s collaboration technology that makes it easy to connect and use connected devices as one. Powerful collaboration features remove barriers between devices and improve connectivity for greater work efficiency.

Best performance for a variety of applications

As the rising star of innovative technologies and hardware components, the Huawei MatePad Paper Tablet PC delivers superior performance. The fast processor ensures smooth reading and writing, and the large battery has a long life – up to 4 weeks on standby and up to 6 days of quiet use. A fingerprint sensor is also available, ensuring security and privacy, while the wireless interface ensures a stable and smooth connection. In addition, it has two speakers that, despite its slim body, create stunning sound effects and an in-depth and detailed audio experience that is pleasing to the ears.

Equipped for the future

In addition to the MatePad Paper, Huawei recently introduced a number of other new devices. The first is the high-end foldable phone Mate Xs 2, followed by the new Huawei Y70 and new Huawei Y90 mid-range phones, for more demanding users of the MateBook 16s and MateBook D 16 laptops with a 16-inch screen, music lovers and the good. Audio will welcome the FreeBuds Pro 2 wireless headphone.

[1] E-ink is a registered trademark of E Ink Corporation.

[2] Tests include: environmental compatibility, constant contrast ratio, sunlight readability, constant color temperature, disturbances due to reflection, image uniformity, reflectivity, previous image delay, refresh time and grayscale.

[3] The feature may not work in some apps.

[4] Only available in some use cases. The data was obtained from the Huawei laboratory.

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