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We all know the business practices of the last couple of years. To maintain operability, organizations around the world have invested heavily in SaaS solutions, cloud infrastructure, and other tools. Investments in infrastructure continue today.

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As organizations focused on adapting to new business practices, attackers began to exploit unprotected infrastructure. In many cases, security technologies have not been included in projects since their inception.

Many organizations have only limited resources available to disclose. The number of data is constantly growing and the efforts in terms of analysis are increasing. Due to the need to constantly integrate new devices and tools, the attack surface is constantly expanding, and the threat landscape is rapidly changing.

Attacks are becoming increasingly complex and innovative, resulting in a lack of skills and knowledge to respond to threats. In addition, security teams also suffer from isolated information silos and massive threat threats.

How do you defend yourself? How do you facilitate analysis and respond effectively to threats?

Analyze all data in an XDR environment

Constant change and never again threats requires companies to find a proactive and resilient security solution. In the past few years, the most effective solution on the market has been XDR (Extended Detection and Response) technology.

XDR makes detection of threats much easier by analyzing all the data in the environment in detail and allows organizations to take action in a timely manner. As a tool that combines many unique products into one, XDR is a great choice for organizations that want an easy-to-manage solution.

An eyeliner based on XDR technology, Trend Micro Vision It detects all potential threats in an ideal environment. Vision One can monitor one or more areas, and threats are prioritized.

Vision One provides detailed and timely analysis of servers, networks, clouds, and endpoints. In addition to blocking threats that appear harmless to the user at first glance, Trend Micro Vision One will prevent the delivery and spread of complex threats such as malware.

With one easy-to-manage interface, the user will have an insight into all the online events. If they notice any anomalies or security risks, the user will be able to take a very quick action and isolate a particular device or interrupt the process.

Benefits of XDR Solutions for End Users

One of the most important benefits of implementing a Vision One solution is certainly the long-term savings. Related organizations first vision Specifically, there is no need to invest in additional security solutions. The solution combines several security tools in one platform.

Users who are particularly troubled by isolated information silos will like the ease of analysis and detection. The solution is delivered as SaaS, Advance planning becomes unnecessary, and a detailed safety analysis can be done in a day.

As mentioned, IT teams are overwhelmed with a host of threat alerts. With Trend Micro Vision One, the number of alerts is reduced from a few thousand to a certain number of actual risks. This allows teams to identify a real threat to the organization within minutes and act quickly.

Today, it is clear that the traditional approach to data protection through analysis is no longer able to respond effectively to the growing number of attacks and growing threats. With the growing trend of adopting a hybrid mode of environment in multiple clouds, organizations need a solution that shortens the required discovery time and provides multiple tools in a single product.

Whether you are looking for a cost-effective and low-cost system or need a security platform that eliminates the complexities of management, it is Trend Micro Vision One Always a good choice.

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