Apple’s first virtual glasses…

Rumors have been circulating on the World Wide Web for a long time that Apple will introduce augmented reality glasses in January of next year, and see sales shelves over the next year. The news has put many Apple fans in a good mood, as the glasses are supposed to include Apple’s high-resolution screens with a wide viewing angle and support for viewing 3D content.

It is said that Apple’s first virtual reality glasses can only be used with iPhone smartphones. Apple’s dedicated processor will be especially effective in transferring data from iPhone to device and back, compressing and decompressing video, and managing power consumption efficiently. Apparently, Apple is expected to equip VR glasses with an M2 mobile processor and up to 16 GB of built-in system memory. In fact, the hardware will be powerful enough to manage even the most demanding 3D content.

Apple is expected to develop its own operating system with a completely changed user interface for advanced virtual reality glasses. The operating system must be rOS-flagged and must be adapted to both voice commands and head movement recognition. More will be known about the novelty at the beginning of next year. However, we are convinced that it will be a unique product.

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