Digital Coupons 22: What they are, who and …

There is no online user who has not heard of digital vouchers worth 150 euros that will improve digital literacy in the country. We’ve collected all the information about digital coupons in one place: who they are, who the coupon recipients are, what you need to redeem, and more.

According to Eurostat data, almost half of the population aged 17-74 in Slovenia do not possess basic general digital skills, which means that we lag behind other European countries in this area. The new digital inclusion law is supposed to effectively address this problem. Let’s start with the basics.

Digital Coupons 22 – What they are, their value and expiration date

Similar to tourist vouchers, they are a credit in the Financial Management Information System, which recipients can redeem for the purchase of new, used, and refurbished computers (more on this below). With some exceptions, you do not need to apply for it and do not receive it in physical form. As mentioned earlier, the ’22 digital coupon is expected to raise the bar for digital inclusion.

The 22 digital coupons became available on June 15th. You can use it until November 30, 2022. The value of the digital voucher is 150 euros.

Do you qualify for a ’22 digital coupon?

The Ministry has placed some restrictions on the use of the digital voucher. If you had permanent residence in Slovenia on March 12 and you:

  • An elementary school student of the last trinity (7th, 8th and 9th grades),
  • high school student
  • high school student
  • A student of the first, second, or third stage, or
  • Over the age of 55 and planning to attend a digital literacy education.

If you are not sure if you are a beneficiary, you can check it via the eDavki App, or if you have not used it on the open eDavki portal. Type your tax number into the search engine on the portal, and the system will provide you with information about whether or not you are entitled to a digital voucher.

For primary and secondary school students, the status of the voucher entitlement is quite intuitive, and the funds are transferred automatically. The process for obtaining the right to redeem a digital voucher is slightly different for seniors and students studying abroad.

Are students studying abroad eligible for digital vouchers?

Yes, provided they have permanent residence in Slovenia on March 12th. They must also fill out an application for recognition of the status of the beneficiary of the digital voucher and send the completed form to the address [email protected] or send it through the e-government portal. Their application will be considered by the relevant authority, which will also inform applicants of the decision. Slovenian students abroad will only be able to redeem a digital voucher after they have been entered into the digital voucher registry.

What about #22 vouchers for seniors and those over 55?

For people over 55 years of age, the situation is slightly different, as they are currently unable to meet all eligibility conditions for digital vouchers. The law states that individuals over 55 years of age must first complete the 9-hour Supported Digital Skills Basics course. However, it is somewhat embarrassing that there is no education available yet.

A public tender to finance the joint education of retirees and over 55 in the field of digital competencies was published on May 20, 2022, and the results are not yet known or will be available at the end of July. The Government Office for Digital Transformation told STA that they expect to start the first subsidized education in August 2022.

We will monitor developments and update the article appropriately and in a timely manner when the results of the tender are published and the first exercises begin.

Will there be enough space in the exercises for the older beneficiaries?

Questions arise as to whether the courses will have sufficient capacity for all major digital voucher recipients, and what will happen otherwise. Retirees over 55 will have less time to redeem a digital voucher than primary and secondary school students. At the moment, there is no information yet on whether the government is considering extending the vouchers. Digitalization Minister Emilia Stoginova Doh confirmed in a recent tweet on Twitter that all major beneficiaries will have the opportunity to attend trainings and purchase computers.

Currently, most retailers also offer additional benefits if an individual redeems a digital coupon in their (online) store. Some campaigns are limited in time and will end before the start of the first training for retirees or those over 55 years old. Whether these shows will return is not yet known.

What do you need to redeem a digital voucher?

This process is similar to an online or physical purchase. You will need a complete 22 year digital coupon redemption statement to present to the merchant. This will verify your identity, so don’t forget a valid one.

Are 22 digital vouchers compatible?

Yes, with some limitations. Digital Coupons can be combined by Last Trinity primary school students, high school and college students, but only with siblings, half-brothers, and half-sisters who also qualify for the voucher. Before redeeming a coupon, you must complete a digital coupon incorporation statement, which you submit with a digital coupon redemption statement ’22 at the time of purchase.

What can you spend on your digital coupon ’22?

The 22 year digital receipt can be redeemed exclusively for the purchase of new, refurbished or used computers. Digital Coupons are not intended for purchases of consumer electronic devices not intended for education. Your dream of a new PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or Nintendo Switch may now be gone. Even the purchase of individual computer components (processor, graphics card, internal SSD/HDDs…) is not possible with digital coupons. This eliminates the custom computer assembly.

However, you still have a few options:

  • laptops, tablets, desktop computers,
  • laptop laptop stations,
  • computer accessories (keyboards, mouse, headphones,), external storage,
  • digital paper, digital pens,
  • smart card readers and webcams,
  • Multifunctional devices, scanners, printers, 3D printers,
  • Special computers for the digital inclusion of people with disabilities and
  • Programming learning groups (computers, software ().

What should you buy with a digital voucher?

The simplest answer would be “what you need”. Search your cart, check if the product you have chosen is valid for redeeming a digital coupon, check prices with different providers, find out the different offers currently offered by Slovenian electronics providers and make a decision.

Digital Coupons 22 can be a great tool for purchasing a device that I have found somewhat expensive thus far. If you take advantage of existing special offers for sellers, you can create a unique offer.

It’s also tempting to consider products that you won’t need to pay extra for. Be a little careful here. You can quickly get a similar tablet or computer for less than $200. We are not saying that you cannot get a good product at this price. For 150 euros, for example, you can get excellent computer accessories. Keyboards, mouse, webcams, headphones (with microphone), docking stations, external drives… Reliable options. We would also like to highlight the monitors that hide many surprising features in the category under 200 euros: fast refresh (144 Hz), IPS screen, good brightness and color accuracy … The digital coupon may also be an opportunity to buy a printer that you missed using home.

You should be extra careful with larger electronic devices, such as the tablets mentioned above. It is very likely that after a few months or a good year of use at home, you will have a device that has lost much of its speed and functionality. Even the support itself is noticeably worse in this price range and you can only expect a few (Android) cycles of security and system updates.

At first, the device will work satisfactorily. Eventually, as the software/applications and system requirements increase, you will be able to feel the overload on the device.

If you find a hidden gem and you are confident in its specifications, let our doubts not stop you from buying.

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