Do not install larger drives…

If you love to play games on the go, then you are definitely familiar with the Steam Deck game console from Valve Corporation. The novelty is based on a powerful but energy-efficient AMD Zen 2 processor with four physical and eight virtual cores with AMD RDNA 2 graphics card. Eight cores. 17.8 cm or 7-inch hertz display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels (16 to 10 aspect ratio). All games on the new console will run at least 30 frames per second.

This unique Steam Deck portable game console is also repairable. This is not surprising, since the novelty is built exactly the same way as the PC. In addition, we do not need expensive custom tools and other hardware for repair. However, the problem appears when we try to install an SSD in the Steam Deck portable game console that is larger than the one installed by default. By doing so, we can actually destroy a valuable electronic device.

Valve’s Steam Deck portable gaming console supports 2230 m.2 SSDs, which are slightly more expensive compared to larger SSDs. On the Internet appeared “instructions” on how to install much cheaper 2242 SSDs in the popular console, but unfortunately this will not be without risks. Using a larger SSD can reduce the integrity of your Steam Deck portable game console and thus significantly reduce its lifespan. In addition, a larger SSD is expected to cause the console to overheat, reducing its efficiency. For this reason, experts only recommend using 2230 m.2 SSDs to upgrade the built-in space.

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