Smart home = smart decision

If you are planning to build a home and you are someone who has no problems with technology, loves comfort, wants to reduce energy consumption and above all improve the security of your home, then this is the perfect time to consider the so-called smart home. What does smart home mean and what this home offers, you can read below.

What is a smart home?

It is the so-called smart home, which is mostly managed with the help of applications on the smartphone or tablet and allows us to control lighting, heating, ventilation, communications, technical security and many more. At the same time, smart fixtures can also help us with tasks such as closing and opening blinds or blinds, watering the lawn, running the washing machine, etc.

Smart home benefits

An important advantage is that we collect everything in one place, which allows us to simplify management at home. For example, we can open the blinds without having to get up for them. The feature that many focus on is managing various tasks remotely. Imagine how fun it is when you come back from a week of skiing in the winter and come back to a warm house, where you were able to turn up the heating temperature remotely via your smartphone a few hours before coming home. Of course, you can also set up smart fixtures, for example, raising the blinds around the house at 7 am every day and lowering them at 8 am. The advantage of a smart home is also economy and economy, as it allows us to detect a very high temperature in the house when the sun is shining in it and thus automatically lower the blinds to prevent the sun from entering. This way, the room will no longer be heated, which also means that it will not need cooling, and we have already saved energy and reduced unnecessary costs. The so-called smart installations also allow us a high level of security for our home. It often happens to us that we leave the house and after a few hours we begin to think about whether we have turned off the stove, iron, radio, etc. In the case of a smart home, we have the opportunity to check all this with our phone, and therefore we do not have to go home and thus waste precious time.

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smart home price

The price of a smart home definitely depends on the size of the house and the type of smart system installed. It is necessary to know that the price is not only a clever installation, but also all other devices necessary for the operation of such a house. The price of a smart home that enables control of lighting, heating, cooling, alarm and blinds is approx. Between 5,000 and 7,000 euros.

When are smart fixtures installed?

You have to decide very quickly whether your home is going to be smart or if you’re going to manage it with classic fixtures. It’s best to make this decision before making plans, as designers can include all the fixtures needed for a smart home. By making a timely decision on this, you also avoid the complications and high costs of the implementation itself.

However, in order for your smart home to be fully equipped, browse through the Eurospin catalog and choose home accessories that make it unique and interesting. A smart home is not essential for survival, but it is definitely the home of the future and is a great solution for the daily maintenance and care of our home. We can control it with one touch, no matter where we are or what we are doing. So why not make some tasks easier, if today’s technology allows us to do all this.

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