The third generation of Apple AirPods: the poison …

Earphone manufacturers have made amazing progress in recent years as they are lighter, more comfortable, get rid of annoying cables and at the same time sound better than we used to listen to a few years ago.

Vaguely defined tones are a thing of the past. Even years ago, we wouldn’t hear music clearly if we were in a slightly noisy environment, like while riding a bus. But the world has changed a lot — and headphones are with it.

In this area, Apple is definitely at the forefront of the column and the new reason for user excitement is the third generation Apple AirPods in-ear headphones. Indeed in a design point of view, as we are used to Apple products, but the real reason for the enthusiasm lies in this small piece of technology that produces incredibly powerful and accurate sound. In addition their good side is ease of wear and adaptability to the ears, we hardly know we have in-ear earphones, which do not bother even after several hours of use, but just pamper with great sound.

The key is that the user experience and sound are really great

It features surround sound with dynamic tracking and an adaptive speaker that automatically tunes in to the music. The adjustable equalizer automatically adjusts the sound according to the shape of the ear. The headphones intelligently detect the position of the head and optimize the sound. Words that won’t tell many people, but the key is that the sound and user experience are more than stellar, and its performance – especially considering it’s an in-ear headphone – is amazing.

Control it by touch and enjoy it for up to 30 hours

The pressure sensor makes it easy to control your music, answer a call or end a call, and more. The third generation Airpods are sweat and water resistant and allow up to 6 hours of listening on a single charge. Power is charged for the new duty cycle in a MagSafe charging case. The battery in the box is enough for four additional charges. So if you put the headphones in the ear fully charged and add another 4 x 6 hours, you can listen to music with them for up to 30 hours without the need for an electrical outlet. The quick charge function ensures that the headset is ready for another hour of listening in just 5 minutes of charging. The charging case supports wireless and cable charging.

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