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Tradition, professionalism, experience, constant pursuit of progress and the consequent pampering of clients with the best services are the right approach to a successful business.

Typography and graphic design go hand in hand. When we need the said services, it is better to find a provider who will provide us with the integrity of the services. The broad scope of knowledge in the company means that the customer can arrange everything in one place – and we all know that this is the best possible scenario for the user. BORI Birografika is well aware of this, so customers leave them satisfied and happy to come back.

One of the first copy shops in Slovenia today is a modern graphics company, which, in addition to professionalism and long-standing traditions, can also boast of responsibility towards business partners, employees and the environment. BORI birografika offers a comprehensive range of graphic printing services and products in the fields of duplication, graphic design, prepress, offset printing, digital printing and book binding.

They want to become the best provider of graphic products and digital services to businesses, public and private users.

Grandma – Online Store

From click to product, you can now access the new online store or easier than ever. Digitization, which we are witnessing in the world at all levels, also in this industry requires solutions in which we can arrange everything from the company or from home.

Thus, in the BORI Birografika online store, you can see a series of tabs in the main menu, such as business stationery, promotional stationery, catalogs and books, foil printing, XXL printing, photography, gift program and more. So there is a huge range of products to choose from: from all kinds of printing and graphic solutions for businesses to photo books or calendars that people love to design and order. Best of all, you can select a specific product in the submenu and then, depending on the selected product, specify details, such as size or format, print type, paper type, different finishes and the like. We also determine the quantity as well as the production time depending on how much we are in a hurry.

At the same time, the online store in the green box automatically and constantly calculates how much the required product will cost. Transparency and transparency as we only wish.

Replacing quotas with the employment of the disabled

Birografika BORI is a company for the disabled, since it fulfills the requirement that at least 40% of all employees in the company are disabled. The start of the company was connected to this, as the company was founded by a group of ambitious individuals with disabilities within the Association of Atrophic Patients in Slovenia.

Since businesses with disabilities do a lot for the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities, they receive some assistance and relief from the state when doing business by the state. Among them, the alternative fulfillment of quotas for the employment of persons with disabilities. All business partners who are obligated to meet the quota and do not have enough disabled employees can take advantage of the possibility of fulfilling the alternative quotas through business cooperation with Birografika BORI.

Caring for the environment, which is becoming increasingly important

In addition, they are also characterized by environmental orientation. All production processes are carried out using safe and environmentally friendly technologies and raw materials. They are also constantly striving for the careful management of natural resources, energy and waste. They also prove their environmental orientation through the FSC CoC certification, thus promoting responsible forest management.

Birografika BORI is a company to turn to if you want to have a good and socially responsible business partner or “just” a quality product. You can find more on the website or (Public relations)

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