Even the youngest would like to ride with…

Electric cars are not just for adults. Dedicated scooters and electric bikes are also available for the little ones. But before allowing young children to take to the city streets, it is important to be aware of how to stay safe on the roads, especially in big cities where the volume of transportation is much greater. E-scooters are only allowed on the bike lane / track / track, if not available, driving is allowed on the right edge of the directional transport road (in settlements with speeds up to 50 km / h). Driving on the sidewalk is not permitted and is punishable by a fine of €40. With the amendment of the Road Traffic Rules Act, children between the ages of 12 and 14 with a bicycle card and people over the age of 14 can ride electric scooters. A little bit about traffic basics, and now the question of which electric scooter to buy.

In THIS LINK you can see an exciting electric scooter for children GoGoBest V1, which you can get for €99.99 at the time of writing. What do you get for less than 100 euros?

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