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If you succeed in building an international store that sells everything from men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, and consumer electronics to luggage, pet products and garden supplies, you will always be looking for new customers. For Joom, which connects customers with a wide range of high-quality products through mobile applications and online, further success means expansion with its established base of 350 million customers.

The Latvian-based company, founded in Riga in 2016, has made its mark in the online commerce space with its digital approach to business. Through their logistics, technology, and infrastructure, in addition to free delivery and personalized discounts, they have also been able to offer customers an exceptional user experience that is primarily focused on mobile devices, which has contributed significantly to its popularity from day one.

Despite attracting 25 million monthly active users and 20 million active customers, Joom recognized the importance of continually acquiring users and encouraging conversions between existing customers. To help with this, they turned to Huawei, where they had the opportunity to reach up to 730 million monthly active users of the company. In addition, Huawei’s advertising platform as a global retailer has recently been integrated into IAB Europe (Digital Marketing and Advertising System), giving Huawei-based companies a great opportunity to expand their digital marketing campaigns internationally.

Camila Dvorakovskaya, Head of Marketing Communications at Joom, accompanied the move with the following words: “The Huawei team took a very customer-centric approach and gave us a lot of support, from campaign strategies to creative resources.”

Black Friday campaign

One of the most successful activities Joom has been involved in was the Black Friday campaign, which took advantage of Huawei’s advertising platform. The mobile advertising platform is designed to help all content providers like Joom publish and serve ads tailored to users of Huawei devices and monetize them by leveraging Huawei’s extensive data capabilities in the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) ecosystem.

With the help of the Huawei team, an automated campaign with display ads was created, which works in two lines. The first focused on promoting new downloads, while the second encouraged activities among existing users. Both were supported by customized advertising strategies based on Huawei’s real-time bid models and real-time market analysis, which allowed for better ad placement in different scenarios. While the Huawei team has been actively helping Joom, anyone can manage automated display ads on their own, allowing content providers to use the platform to run marketing campaigns with a wide range of tools.

Huawei has optimized Joom’s creative ad design to improve its performance, including submitting four sets of ad creatives to the country. The company has also been able to leverage the Huawei AppGallery and other signage in HMS apps to increase the reach of its brand.

The campaign and Huawei’s broad global presence helped open up new markets for Joom, bringing the service to the attention of Spanish customers in particular. This allowed Joom to expand its user base beyond its traditionally strong markets of Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

The results speak for themselves: Joom’s Black Friday campaign saw a 37-fold increase in conversion adding products to your cart, a 3.9-fold increase in purchase conversion, and a 4.8-fold increase in return on advertising investment (ROAS) compared to the previous campaign.

“The campaign using Huawei’s advertising platform has yielded excellent results, and we look forward to greater overall growth,” Camila Dvorakovskaya said.

Sponsoring Content Providers

However, the Joom experience is by no means uncommon for content providers working with Huawei. The company strives to build strong and lasting relationships that achieve key goals, whether it is increasing the number of downloads, reaching new markets, or increasing the user base.

The role of the AppGallery is crucial to strengthening these partnerships. As a component of HMS in direct contact with consumers, it can use a wide range of applications that have not only registered rapid growth, but also won the hearts and loyalty of Huawei phone users around the world. The quality of the applications provided is essential as they provide various services, entertainment and tools that provide users with an unforgettable high-quality mobile experience.

Huawei believes that it offers content providers like Joom and gets the most out of them by sponsoring them. Not only in terms of providing Huawei resources for development and promotion, but in providing all the essential operations and targeted assistance needed to launch and maintain the popularity of its applications in multiple markets. This behind-the-scenes framework is complemented by invitations to participate in global events hosted by Huawei. Joom, for example, was a co-guest on Huawei’s panel at the WebSummit conference in Lisbon last November.

Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President of Consumer Mobile Services for Huawei Europe, said: “Quality services like Joom are the lifeblood of our AppGallery and our HMS channels and the reason users keep coming back. That’s why we work closely with partners and app providers to expand their messaging and highlight the great services, features, benefits, and entertainment they offer. The more we can help partners succeed on our platform The better it was for their customers and for Huawei in the end. This is a healthy win-win situation.”

Camila Dvorakovskaya concluded that: “Partnering with Huawei brings so much more than just a great platform for apps. The company invests in us and in our success, which yields results in terms of beneficial exposure to Huawei users and, last but not least, in the number of downloads.”

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