Internet from Starlink may appear on trains Ukrzaliznytsia by the end of 2022 – Special Government Communications

This was stated by the head of the state special service Yuri Shchegul in an interview with Lega.

«When we contacted Starlink technicians after testing and showed how it works, they were even surprised we could use Starlink in this way. According to the technical characteristics, it should not operate at such speeds. But it works and provides services“, – said Shchigol.

Currently, there are 12,000 Starlink stations in Ukraine, which is about 20% of their total number in Europe. According to Shchigol, Starlink is a backup channel that cannot be the main communication channel. But in Ukraine, operators, suppliers and critical infrastructure are using it to rebuild their networks.

Shchigol assured that the Starlink supply will continue and that Ukraine will be able to restore communications in the liberated lands. In particular, Starlink will provide a backup channel for the online graduate test.

Currently, all Starlink equipment provided by American businessman Elon Musk and other organizations works in Ukraine for free. But after the war the question of payment will be considered.

And Shchigol said that the price will not be “American” or “European”: according to him, there are already preliminary agreements with Ilona Mask on preferential tariffs for the period until Ukraine restores its economy.

tarlink in Ukraine

On February 26, Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhailo Fedorov addressed Ilona Maska with a request to supply Starlink to Ukraine. The businessman agreed, and within a week he sent the first 500 stations with free firmware to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Statistics reported that thousands of stations help the armed forces communicate and carry out special operations, support the operation of vital energy and communications facilities, health care facilities, and even a seeding campaign, and bring liberated areas back to life.

Internet quality from Starlink in eastern Ukraine is worse than in the West. This is explained by the fact that Ukraine does not yet have its own ground station Starlink. The closest stations are in Poland, Lithuania and Turkey. In Ukraine, construction was planned after the war.

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