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One of Quocirca’s leading market analysis firms is present in its latest report “The Print Security Landscape, 2022″[1]Konica Minolto has been ranked as a “leader” in print security due to its wide product range and expertise.

“Quocirca believes that in addition to its traditional offering of print security and in-depth IT expertise, Konica Minolta is very different from some of its major competitors, especially in the SME market.” At the same time, the report stresses the great importance of the security of publications and notes that two-thirds of the organizations participating in the survey will increase their budgets in this area in the future. Therefore, Quocirca believes that Konica Minolta among a select group of providers, with “a strong strategic vision and a comprehensive suite of products and services for print security” is a leader in print security.

The provider’s consolidated fleet of MPS (Managed Print Services) increases print security.

The report states that 68% of organizations experienced data loss in the past 12 months due to unreliable printing practices. The organization’s data losses are estimated at more than €758,160 on average[2] for violation. Surprisingly, 73% of companies using a mixed fleet of printers reported data breaches, compared to only 58% of companies with a standard MPS printer fleet. Therefore, according to Quocirca, switching to a fleet of a single MPS provider to better control data security can be beneficial. This significance increases when we see that, according to a Quocirc study, 84% of companies using MPS are more confident in print security, while among users who don’t use MPS, only 49% are.

According to Quocirca, this “demonstrates how MPS can help an organization reduce risk and build confidence in its security posture.” Konica Minolta can offer complete solutions for secure printing. As a provider of the “Digital Work Environment” concept, Konica Minolta offers comprehensive print management services, from consulting, implementation and maintenance for Konica Minolta MFPs (multifunction printers), to software solutions that increase print security and efficiency.

For example, bizhub i-Series MFPs are equipped with the optional BitDefender antivirus system. Security tests conducted by NTT DATA revealed no vulnerabilities and demonstrated the high level of security for Konica Minolta printers and MFPs. The Shield Guard cloud solution, which will be operational in February 2022, provides remote monitoring and management of MFPs, provides automatic notifications and troubleshooting, and allows organizations to monitor the security status of MFPs from anywhere. Shield Guard works seamlessly with Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE wallet and offers three different levels of service for individual businesses.

Print security: a major topic for IT decision makers in 2022.

Overall, the latest Quocirca report highlights the critical importance of print security for organizations. Up to 70% of surveyed IT decision-makers expect spending on print security to increase in 2022. “Konica Minolta will remain the partner of choice for organizations to deliver and manage their secure print environment,” summarizes Matjay Babnik, Chief Marketing Officer at Konica Minolta Slovenia. “With our enhanced printing services, Konica Minolta relieves companies of the burden of print management and allows them to focus on their core business.”

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[2] Na dan 11. januarja 2022

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