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Printers that work well in e-commerce – Zebra.

The range of printers from Zebra Technologies is wide. Zebra has not only created several classes of printers that deliver what the user needs, but they also offer customized solutions. The peeler, winder, and cutter make it easy to label products, while choosing resolution (203, 300, and 600dpi) is important when you want high-quality printing. For e-commerce work, we recommend two types of printers of different classes: the desktop Zebra ZD230 (or ZD220) and the powerful Zebra ZT411 printer, which you can easily connect to your online store software or another program with which you can print posters.

ZD200 Series – For Small And Medium Sized Warehouses

The ZD200 series is one of the most affordable essential desktop printers suitable for printing smaller quantities of labels. This series features well-designed apartment building dual-wall printers and a metallic printer head, typically typical of more expensive industrial printers. It’s very easy to set up your ZD220 series printers for the first time and get started quickly. The Zebra ZD200 series contains two versions of the printer, the ZD220 and the ZD230, both with print resolutions of up to 203dpi. The ZD230 allows for faster printing, as well as 74 meters of metallic paper, as well as the use of 300 meters of longer foil. The ZD230 also has several connectivity and connectivity options – USB, Ethernet +, Bluetooth + USB and Wi-Fi, while the ZD220 has only a USB connection. This series is particularly suitable for an online store that prints up to 500 posters per day.

Zebra ZD220

Powerful Zebra ZT411 for larger quantities of stickers

The Zebra ZT411 printer is easy to use and operate. With a rich suite of Zebra Print DNA applications and a Link-OS solution, it is an advantage over other printers as it can be operated remotely. The Zebra ZT411 has a sturdy metal enclosure suitable for the most demanding work environments. It can print labels up to 104mm wide, has three print resolutions, and has an easy-to-use built-in color touch screen that delivers an above-average user experience. The Zebra ZT411 in the RFID version also allows printing and encoding of RFID labels and a choice of all add-ons from the Zebra suite.

Does not pass without a delivery sticker

If you already have an online store and send packages to customers with the specified courier or delivery service, stick a thermal label with standard dimensions of 100 x 150 mm (or 102 x 152 mm) on each package, which contains standard information of importance to your delivery service .: consignee, consignee, number of parcels, value, refund, other services, weight and materials are always available, and the labels are proven not to fluctuate in quality. A poorly printed label with poorly read barcode is not only a problem for the delivery service, but also a bad user experience for your end customer.

Support from Info-kod, the premium partner in Slovenia

Zebra Technologies solutions can be found behind the scenes in many industries. They help in improving operations, making business decisions and providing effective solutions. As a market leader with nearly 60 years of tradition, Zebra Technologies provides flexible, end-to-end solutions that connect people, resources, and data to help businesses do their business.

Info-kod is a premium partner and one of the main distributors of Zebra printers in Slovenia. Our labeling experts will advise you on the appropriate equipment, install it, and educate staff if necessary. The equipment will be serviced regularly, spare parts provided or maintained outside the warranty period. (Public relations)

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