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• A survey commissioned by Schneider Electric revealed a gap in sustainability measures in the data center and IT industry.
• The innovations introduced support the next wave of sustainability and resilience in data centers and cutting-edge IT: The new mySchneider IT Partner Program, a simple, modular, all-in-one data center solution, an extension of the EcoStruxure IT DCIM program.

Schneider Electric, a leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, has presented three independent studies on sustainability in the IT and data center industry. The results of the study were presented for the first time at a Schneider Electric media event titled The Future Is Now: Preparing IT Infrastructure for Net Zero Emissions. The results revealed a gap in sustainable efficiency.

Comprising 451 Research, Forrester and Canalys independently collected data from more than 3,000 participants worldwide, including the largest aggregation and cloud providers, IT solution providers, and IT professionals coming from a variety of sectors and organizations. The results showed that there is a significant difference between where companies believe they are located and the actual implementation of public IT infrastructure sustainability programs.

“Data centers play a key role in Elektrika 4.0, and we have the opportunity to positively impact the direction of climate change. As part of the industry, it is our responsibility to respond urgently and comply with environmental commitments.”

Pankaj Sharma,, Executive Vice President of Secure Power, Schneider Electric

“Data centers play a key role in Elektrika 4.0, as we have the opportunity to positively impact the trajectory of climate change. As part of the industry, we have a responsibility to respond urgently and comply with environmental commitments. We have made some progress, but in order to avoid the biggest energy challenges, All data centers, including data centers on the margins, must be more sustainable, efficient, resilient and resilient.” said Pankaj Sharma, Executive Vice President of Secure Power at Schneider Electric. “The research is clear – the industry knows that sustainability must be a priority, but there are still challenges when it comes to action. Efforts will be needed to successfully overcome them. But the good news is that the technology that makes it possible to fight for sustainable employment already exists.” .

In addition to publishing the survey results, Schneider Electric also announced several innovations directly from its Paris headquarters to help data centers and IT professionals achieve sustainable goals.

Pictured: Schneider Electric

An updated IT affiliate program to help partners grow their businesses

Through its updated IT Partner Program, Schneider Electric helps partners grow their businesses for the long term. The new version will support IT partners with a simplified software architecture and diversified specializations for key sectors such as data centers, IT solutions, software and services with a new suite of sales, training and resource tools. In addition to many new benefits, the program also offers a clear sustainable strategy to partners through the Schneider Electric Green Premium solution™. Thus, partners can become strategic advisors and market experts in a multitude of IT competencies, while enabling them to develop different business models.

Schneider Electric announces a new all-in-one solution for its modular data center

At the Virtual Media event, Schneider Electric also announced a new Europe-ready data center solution. These are Easy Modular All-in-One data centers that combine power, cooling, and IT equipment into one prepackaged solution for businesses looking to implement an edge computing strategy.

With the new offering, the company has streamlined the design and start-up process and eliminated engineering work, so it can provide its customers with a high-quality, modular solution in just 12 weeks.

EcoStruxure IT deals with the monitoring and management of hybrid IT infrastructure

Schneider Electric has announced the expansion of its award-winning EcoStruxure IT DCIM program. The new update improves the software for managing the entire hybrid infrastructure, taking into account industry requirements for a more resilient, secure and sustainable IT infrastructure.

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