Why do we buy used cars,…

According to AMZS data for 2021, Slovenes bought more used cars than new ones. Yet fewer drivers visit the auto showroom, and more are looking for used steel horses.

Why is it still different when buying a computer? Many users think not to buy a used device. Buying a used and refurbished computer comes with a lot of preconceived notions and fears. But we are sure that there will be much fewer of them after reading this article.

The market for used and refurbished computers is experiencing a real boom, as users realize that we can make parallels with buying a car – for the money invested we can get more than usual.

What do we expect from a refurbished computer?

Refurbished computers by companies in the market are categorized into different categories depending on their condition. This way, the customer knows exactly what they are buying and what they can expect from them.

Class A: The computers and laptops used in this class are more durable and made of high-quality materials, which significantly extends their life. The VA category includes computers and laptops that also look almost new. For those who also want a PC that doesn’t show the slightest sign of use, some new (unused) PC with open packaging is better. Due to open packaging, retailers cannot sell them as new, which reduces their usual price by 20-30%.

Class B: This class includes flawless used computers, so it’s no different from Class A – only the look is different, signs of use are showing. So these are PCs, laptops, and business quality monitors, which are a great option for those who want to save some extra euros at the expense of looks. It should be noted that aesthetic irregularities do not play any role in the impeccable operation of these devices.

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3 reasons to buy a used computer

Better or comparable quality, lower price: Refurbished PCs are usually off the line for commercial use, and therefore are of better quality than those meant for mass consumption. The service life of consumer or home computers is 2-3 years. The cases are mostly made of thin plastic, due to the other components, which are usually of lower quality, and the price is also lower. In business, computers are mainly intended for more demanding use, they are designed for stable operation, buildings are stronger, they will last for many years, and due to their high quality, they will provide long-term, stable and reliable operation. The probability of a failure in such computers is ten times less. So the business line is for those who want a PC that will last longer.

Same quality, up to 50% lower price: To buy anything, we usually put a cap on spending and the computer is no different. That higher price is always better is not always true. We can save up to 50 percent on buying used and refurbished computers – and the computer has the same specifications as a more expensive computer. Some may be brand new and have never been used, the packaging has only been opened, or they may have been used as exhibition. So these are brand new computers that have also undergone rigorous review by experts.

Business computer at home price: A quality, tried, refurbished, and refurbished computer will serve you for many years to come, and most of the time you’ll deduct the same amount from it as you would deduct a new one from your consumer slate. Of course, he also has a guarantee. The inconvenience of replacing a computer causes a lot of anxiety and time-consuming editing of old files, passwords, and everything else. This is why we want long-term, uninterrupted operation with enough memory to be able to store all our data and photos. Old and used business quality computers incorporate the latest technology, at the time of manufacture, even the best on the market. Although a few years old, the built-in computer parts are generally of better quality than many newer laptops in the consumer class. So, even if you buy a computer for everyday use (e-mail, web browsing, Word, Excel, watching movies, etc.), you will find a reliable and faithful companion in a refurbished computer.

How does a computer scan work?

At Pocenipc.com, they buy and refurbish computers and prepare them for a new owner. It guarantees smooth operation for at least another 5 years.

Hardware is mostly purchased from companies that sell computers due to lease contracts. The equipment they purchase is professionally inspected – external cleaning and classification according to condition and physical appearance; Old data is completely erased, or missing or damaged components (RAM, keyboard, hard drives, etc.) are replaced. The last procedure is checking and quality control.

After all the tests and repairs, the computer is ready for a new owner. They offer a one-year warranty, which can be extended to a total of two years or even three years. In the event of a malfunction, additional parts and labor costs will be fully covered. It is not necessary to have a new and expensive computer for daily tasks in the office or at home or for teaching children at home. A better option might be a technically refurbished business computer, which gives you a PC with the same or better performance than a consumer PC at a lower cost.

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With digital vouchers even cheaper

From June 15, digital vouchers (for €150) will be available for purchases of new, refurbished or used computers. Students, pupils and students of the last trinity over 55 years of age with a completed non-formal education will be able to redeem vouchers until November 30, 2022 when purchasing from a cheap PC and thus secure your PC after a cheaper day. Think about it, if you combine a few coupons in the family and instead of a new, more expensive computer, you choose a refurbished one from the business line, you’ll have a computer of excellent quality that will surely serve you well for the next five years.

In addition, a cheap PC saves you another 20 euros. The site showed you exactly how to save up to 170 euros in just two steps.

The table below shows three different computers with similar features but difference in quality and price of the course:

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