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Tech giant Huawei introduced the new MateBook 16s laptop. It’s thin and lightweight, perfect for professional users and digital creators who need a powerful device to run smoothly on the go.

Based on the experience of the past two years, many companies have decided to introduce hybrid work, which is partly done by employees at home, in the office and on the go. But for the work to be effective, they need an optimal device. One of these devices is the new Huawei MateBook 16s laptops, which meet all the needs of demanding users. Among other things, it offers a large screen size of 40.46 cm with a large screen area, while high performance is provided by the 12th generation Intel processor. It doesn’t matter what you do in it. Editing by a large spreadsheet or programmer, this high-end laptop will handle any task.

Professional big screen for better productivity

Recently, slim 16-inch laptops have become very popular. With large screens, it provides a better visual working experience, but also provides a powerful operation of the system and software. Due to changing needs, Huawei has redefined Huawei FullView displays, which have been given thinner bezels to keep dimensions acceptable. Its size ranges from just 5.2 to 7.3 mm, taking into account the classic design of the MateBook laptops, which increased the screen-to-body ratio to 90 percent.[1].

What matters is not only the ratio to the housing, but also, or even more, the aspect ratio. Even in this feature, Huawei MateBook 16s does not deviate from tradition. The 3:2 aspect ratio not only provides a better viewing experience, but also a larger screen area in terms of screen height than 16:9 screens, thus higher work productivity.

The new ultra-thin and beautiful laptop’s display features a Full HD resolution of 2,520 x 1,680 pixels, a wide color gamut of sRGB, a contrast ratio of 1,500:1, a density of 189 pixels per inch and a brightness of 300 nits. meter.[2]. With the ability to display 1.07 billion colors[3] It provides accurate and smooth color transitions and is therefore ideal for graphic designers who are involved in creating perfect graphics, or office workers who are concerned with color schemes. The level of detail you see on the MateBook 16s laptop screen is amazing.

To make the MateBook 16s laptop perform well in all situations, it is also equipped with a comfortable and specially adapted keyboard. They stand out in terms of the depth of the stroke and the texture of the surface of each individual key. The keyboard was created in collaboration with 2012 Lab and includes the introduction of a soft landing design, a technology that slows down the movement of the key before it reaches its maximum position. This helps maintain a high-quality, comfortable writing experience for a longer period of time.

High performance for continuous multitasking

The new laptop is powered by 12th generation Intel Core processors up to the i9-12900H[4] With up to 14 cores and 20 processor threads[5] The frequency is up to 5 GHz. The processor is built in a new hybrid architecture that includes powerful and energy-efficient cores. Powerful P-cores, or P-cores, control heavier tasks such as playing games, real-time rendering, or editing videos, while powerful electronic cores work on less demanding tasks. It extends multithreading capabilities and effectively reduces the background performance of multitasking operations. This provides facilities that would be of great use, especially for professional and creative users.

The graphics are also at a high level. Huawei MateBook 16s uses Intel Iris Xe technology, which provides exceptional graphics performance. Perfect for graphic designers, photo editors, video editors and fans of challenging video games. It will easily help them with tasks that require infographics.

To make the described high performance possible, the new laptop is equipped with an ultra-large cooling system with two fans with blades drawn on the fins of sharks (Huawei Shark Fin), which operates efficiently and quietly at the same time. Huawei has also greatly improved cooling efficiency by upgrading all major parts of the system, such as the design of heat pipe air intakes or ultra-thin copper alloy cooling outlets.

Innovative solution for hybrid work

Due to the popular model of hybrid work, we need a reliable device that we can rely on everywhere when we need to communicate with colleagues via video communication. Accordingly, Huawei MateBook 16s is equipped with a smart conferencing system, which includes a Full HD camera, a 2-megapixel sensor, an 88-degree viewing angle and a two-microphone system for a safe and efficient conferencing experience.

Powered by powerful artificial intelligence algorithms, the default background mode (AI camera default background) allows you to set the background to your liking during video communication. Eye Contact mode ensures more reliable communication between interlocutors, and FollowCam mode ensures that you always appear in the middle of the camera view. This allows for natural and professional communication despite the virtual environment.

In addition to the image, the audio is also responsible for the success of the video conference. Therefore, the new Huawei MateBook 16s laptop is equipped with noise reduction technology powered by AI Sound. It also includes personalized audio enhancement algorithms for hearing only the speaker, while Sound TrueHD algorithms ensure speech is clear and loud.

world of apps[6]

With the new laptops, Huawei is adding compatibility with mobile applications at the operating system level. This allows you to search for and install apps from Huawei’s AppGallery with one click. Since March, more than 10,000 mobile apps are available in several categories, such as TikTok, CapCut, Boing App, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and others.

Intelligent device collaboration experience

With the Super Device feature, the Huawei MateBook 16s laptop opens a new level of collaboration between devices. It is enough to bring an additional device, such as a mouse, keyboard, headphones, speakers, or printer, near your laptop, which automatically detects it and provides the ability to quickly connect.

For example, when you connect your smartphone to a laptop, you will use both devices as one. The laptop’s large screen will provide everything you need to download and edit files, use mobile apps, make calls, and control your phone with a keyboard and mouse.

Like your smartphone, you can easily connect your tablet to your Huawei MateBook 16s laptop, which can also be used as an additional screen. In mirror mode, the screen of the connected laptop is transferred or copied to the tablet, allowing, for example, direct signature and marking of documents or drawing with a stylus, as professional users do on an additional graphics tablet. Extend mode turns your tablet into a second laptop screen, perfect for checking reference documents and browsing the web due to the extra screen space for viewing content. At the same time, the innovative method of Collaborate enables real interaction between two different platforms. It allows you to easily transfer content such as texts, images or documents between connected devices via a drag-and-drop system.

You can also connect the Huawei MateBook 16s to the Huawei MateView display. The 71cm (28″) 4K screen will let you see more details than ever before. When you do this, the Huawei Cast + protocol with a six-digit PIN provides an adequate level of security.

Aesthetically designed home that inspires you

The body of the Huawei MateBook 16s laptop, which is made of high-strength metal and superior appearance, is also incredibly strong. It is available in grey, with the surface treated with an advanced sandblasting process, giving it a sophisticated texture. Because the cover does not exceed 17.8 mm thick[7] It weighs 1.99 kg[8]It also provides a sufficiently high portability.

Price and availability

The Huawei MateBook 16s laptop will be available in select markets at a suggested retail price of €1,699.

Equipped for the future

In addition to the MateBook 16s laptop, Huawei recently introduced a number of other new devices. The first is its cousin, the MateBook D 16 laptop, followed by the innovative foldable Mate Xs 2, the new mid-range Huawei Y70, the new Huawei Y90, and the FreeBuds Pro 2 wireless headphone for music and good audio lovers.

[1] The data was obtained from the Huawei laboratory. The ratio between the screen and the housing is obtained by considering the active viewing area and the housing area in which it is located.

[2] typical value.

[3] An image source with a color depth of 10 bits is required to display 1.07 billion colors.

[4] i5-12500H and i7-12700H processors are also available.

[5] The i7 provides 14 cores and 20 threads, and the i5 offers 12 cores and 16 threads.

[6] The apps can be found in the AppGallery mobile app store. Actual number of apps and categories may change.

[7] The data was obtained from the Huawei laboratory. The legs are not taken into account in the thickness of the device. Actual product thickness may vary.

[8] The data was obtained from the Huawei laboratory. Data may vary due to different configurations, manufacture, and measurement methods.

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