Raspberry Pi super cheap computer…

The compact and powerful Raspberry Pi personal computers are still very popular. It is possible to build very interesting devices on its basis. So, it’s no surprise that the ultra-compact Raspberry Pi Pico is also selling well. Excellent sales can be attributed both to the versatility of the device and the very low retail price, which is less than five euros.

The Raspberry Pi Pico W ultra-compact computer system is based on the RP2040 microcontroller, which is designed to offer high performance, flexible I/O interface and low entry-level price. This is actually an electronic circuit with a size of 2 square millimeters, produced with the help of 40 nanometer technology. Inside, there are ARM Cortex-M0 + processor cores with a frequency of 133 MHz in relation to 264 KB of system memory and 16 MB of data storage.

The special feature of the Raspberry Pi Pico W ultra-computer system is that it is equipped with a powerful wireless communication module. This allows connectivity to 802.11b / g / n wireless networks, and the built-in mini antenna takes care of this. All connected to the CYW43439 microchip, which supports Wi-Fi 4 wireless network and WPA3 encryption protocol for secure connection.

Since the Raspberry Pi Pico W compact computer system measures just 21 x 51 mm, it will easily find a place in even the most compact of systems. In addition, the novelty is very cheap. The new Raspberry Pi Pico W is already on sale in the US for just €5.73.

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