The new MacBook Pro M2 heats up like…

Apple recently officially introduced a new mobile processor with the designation M2. It has received quite a few positive reviews. The novelty is manufactured using 5nm technology, and a total of 20 billion transistors are available to calculate the data. That’s 25 percent more than the Apple M1 processor. Data transfer speeds are up to 100 Gbps, or half that of an M1 processor.

The first Apple device with an M2 processor is the MacBook Pro 13 laptop. It is of course much more powerful than its predecessors. That is why Apple is sure that even the most demanding users will like the newcomer. As expected, the novelty in the European region is not cheap. The entry-level MacBook Pro 13 laptop (8 GB memory, 256 GB SSD) is priced at 1629 euros. For the most powerful (24 GB memory, 2 TB SSD) you have to pay 3009 euros.

The problem is that the new MacBook Pro 13 is heating up like a bet. When downloading an 8K video, the processor temperature rose to more than 108 degrees Celsius. Since the laptop was not able to dissipate a large amount of heat, I had no choice but to reduce the frequency of the M2 processor, ie from 3200MHz to 1894MHz (more powerful cores) and from 2228MHz to 1444MHz (weaker cores) ). The graphics core frequency has also been reduced from 1,393MHz to 289MHz.

Due to the high temperature, the performance of the M2 processor was worse than that of the M1 Pro processor installed in my MacBook Pro 13 laptop. The latter does not heat up under the highest loads. Since this is about insufficient cooling of the new MacBook Pro 13 laptop, users will simply have to put up with it.

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