Even Microsoft with its mobile device …

With a Steam Deck game console setup, Valve Corporation has proven that these consoles can handle even the most demanding tasks. Modernity is based on the powerful and energy-efficient AMD Zen 2 processor with four physical and eight virtual cores with an eight-core AMD RDNA 2 graphics card. There’s also 16 GB of fast RDNA 2 system memory, 60 Hz 17.8 cm or 7-inch screen with 1 resolution , 280 x 800 pixels (16:10 aspect ratio). All games on the new console run at at least 30 frames per second, providing an exceptional user experience.

As everything shows, Microsoft is also looking at a similar gaming console. This is supposed to be the Xbox Series Y handheld game console, which will be a little different compared to the current solutions. Of course, the Xbox Cloud Gaming cloud service will play a major role in this. This has been available for PC, mobile, and Xbox users for some time now. The main advantage of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is that games do not need to be installed, but they can be played instantly in streaming mode.

Unfortunately, no more information is available yet about the Microsoft Xbox Series Y portable game console. The novelty is said to be still in a good development stage. Despite this, we are sure that the novelty will cope with even the most demanding tasks. There are very powerful hardware components available in the market that consume little power during operation.

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