F1® 22 – Refurbished cars, …

The only official racing game licensed for the F1 Championship is particularly interesting this year. First of all, there are refurbished cars, which the simulator imitates quite faithfully (however, it is not a hardcore game, as it is friendly and accessible to everyone), and an updated set of rules. This follows the tradition of television broadcasting with cameras that monitor what is happening between stations. Sprint races are an integral part of a career that can be done with your runner and even with a team; This administrative aspect has also undergone welcome changes.

At “F1-life” we unlock supercars, costumes and accessories to enhance the look and atmosphere. Formula 2 is also included, and some will welcome a split-screen for local races to complement matches already online, and for the first time ever, F1 Edition 22 offers support for PC VR helmets. They take the racing experience to a new level with race animation and deep photography.

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