Webinar: Azure IaaS Services – More…

When someone mentions Azure, most of us immediately think of virtual servers in the cloud. However, Microsoft IaaS solutions offer much more than just virtual servers.

The purpose of the short webinar is to review the available infrastructure solutions and the benefits that these services bring. We will conclude the webinar with a discussion of how Crayon can help you migrate and use Microsoft cloud infrastructure solutions.

Date of the webinar 7/12/2022
9:00 – 9:10 an introduction
9:10 – 10:20 Brief introduction to Azure and what it does for you

An overview of Azure IaaS services and their benefits
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10:20 – 10:30 How Crayon can help you move to the cloud

lecturer: rock zimlgrich, the internationally recognized and certified IT expert repeatedly works at Crayon doo as the Service Team Leader. With over two decades of local and international experience planning, implementing and supporting infrastructure solutions, he primarily handles solutions in Microsoft environments.

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