“Panama can position itself as a financial hub or a future dinosaur”

On the second day of the Blockchain Summit Latam Conference held in Panama, a group of professionals discussed the current state of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in the Caribbean country. They all agree that we are in a “historic moment” that should be put to good use.

The panel of committee members consisted of Robinson Dorion, CEO of JWRD Computing; Ian Marr, NFT Artist from Panama; and Felipe Echandi, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Banking Supervision Authority of Panama.

These advocates talked about how the growth and adoption of Bitcoin, from “Satoshi Square” (a group of people who met to buy and sell bitcoin), until the current discussion about the “Bitcoin Code”. As reported by CriptoNoticias, this legislation is under discussion in the country’s Congress and seeks to regulate the industry.

For Echandi, Latin America is a region “usual to chaos”. In this context, the specialist says that Panamanians and Latin Americans are in time to evolve or survive with a “dinosaur” financial system.

I think the places that will solve the problems of the future have more freedom to exchange value, greater inclusion, and more possibility of not having money confiscated due to inflation or taxes. [Los avances] It will happen in places that make it clear to people who are building on this technology.

Felipe Echandi, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Banking Supervision Authority of Panama.

For Echandi, the growth in adoption and the number of bitcoin-related companies in the region is causing him to be “optimistic.”

Regardless, panelists stated that several scams have taken people away from the true value that cryptocurrencies offer. Echandi refers to To understand and separate individual projects from what they really mean Bitcoin.


For example, Ian Marr mentioned the early growth of the Internet. being Such a disruptive technology, its adoption has been slow, but little by little it is becoming a necessary component of people’s lives.. According to her, the same will happen with cryptocurrencies.

Mar and Dorion both agreed on the importance that should be given to safety in order for growth to be healthy. “Understanding it means taking care of our money,” they insist.

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