Windows 11 is still not right…

Valve Corporation has released some interesting statements about users of its services who swear by the very popular Steam cloud gaming platform. The data showed that only about 21.23% of Microsoft Windows 11 users swear by cloud computer games, compared to the previous month, the share of users of this system increased by very little. This actually shows that Microsoft’s latest operating system does a good job of playing cloud games.

With the increase in the number of Windows 11 users, the percentage of Windows 10 users is decreasing accordingly, however, the percentage of Windows 10 users remains very high. 71.26 percent of users still swear by Windows 10. This is somewhat surprising, given that Windows 11 has been around for nine months and comes pre-installed on all newer computer systems. But as everything shows, new computers are not being put on sale as the manufacturers would like.

What is particularly interesting here is that the percentage of users of Windows 7 that has already been deleted has already increased, that is, by 0.6 percent. About three percent of Steam users still swear by the defunct Windows 7. The information about the devices used is also interesting. 69.27 percent of users swear by Intel processors, and 31.73 percent with AMD processors. Nvidia dominates the graphics cards space. 75.86 percent of users are currently envious of them. The most used graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060.

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