Elon Max finalizes Twitter purchase for $44 billion – Media

CNBC and Reuters write about it.

Elon Musk has accused Twitter of violating several contractual obligations. According to his attorney, the company did not provide Musk with the relevant business information he requested.

Earlier, the businessman said he was delaying the Twitter acquisition deal until the company proves that spambots make up no more than 5% of the social network’s total number of users.

Twitter has neither provided nor refused to provide this information. Sometimes the company ignored Mr. Musk’s requests, sometimes denied them for reasons that seemed unreasonable, and at times provided Mr. Musk with incomplete or inappropriate information.”– said the entrepreneur’s lawyer.

Twitter shares fell 6% in extended trading, according to Reuters.

What did?

At the end of April, Elon Musk signed an agreement to buy the social network Twitter, which has more than 200 million users. The deal was worth about $44 billion, and eventually Musk would become the owner of Twitter, and the company would go private.

Musk said he wants to improve the social network more than ever and add new features to increase trust, beat hackers, and authenticate everyone.

Elon Musk, who has more than 83 million followers on Twitter and posts jokes and memes regularly, has repeatedly said he wants to “change” the platform, promoting more freedom of expression and giving users more control over what they see there.

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