Gloria Zhao becomes the first female Bitcoin token custodian

Key facts:
  • With the addition of Zhao, there are 6 Bitcoin moderators, but there are many other contributors.

  • The developer specializes in fee exchange and Bitcoin mempool policies.

Gloria Gao is the first woman to serve as a Bitcoin code supervisor. Zhao now has special permissions to implement changes to the Bitcoin token, after Peter Wuille requested it be removed days ago.

By ordering integration (or Withdrawal request) On GitHub, the new state of Gloria Zhao (glozow in networks) in Bitcoin Core has been identified. The request reads “Add glozow to trusted keys #25524”.

It is worth noting that the permissions that Zhao obtained are partial, as are those of other Bitcoin Core users. In this specific case, you can see how his PGP key was added to the trust file, combined with the permissions of fellow maintainer Marco Valcke.

Currently, the main maintainers of the Bitcoin Core code are Vladimir van der Laan (who was the lead maintainer), Marco Falk (Quality Administrator and Test Supervisor), Henady Stepanov (Maintaining the GUI), Andrew Chow (Wallet Administrator) and Michael Ford, from He is the main supervisor.

Before adding chow, There were others 16 maintenance From the code, including Satoshi NakamotoBitcoin creator. They were all identified as male, except for Nakamoto himself, whose identity and gender are not known.

The Bitcoin Core code repository is very active from month to month, with contributions from many authors. Source: Github.

admin for Bitcoin Core Bitcoin has permissions to make changes (merge) in the code repository and is responsible for adding or removing specifications from the code base, According to the contributions they are proposed, discussed and accepted in the working group together with other developers.

Gloria Chao specializes in Commission Replacement Policies, or RBF, It is a procedure that allows replacing a transaction by increasing the commission paid to the miners. It also plays an important role in the development of improvements to the Bitcoin mempool, which is the temporary memory where transactions awaiting confirmation are stored.

Zhao’s addition came the same day Peter Wuille requested that his admin permissions be removed: “As it happens, I don’t do much maintenance, so it’s time to revoke my permissions,” he said. Wuille is one of the developers who have contributed the most to improving Bitcoin, with developments such as BIP 32, Segwit, and Taproot/Scnorr.

Mixed opinions among Bitcoin developers about the addition of Zhao

One contribution identified as 1,440,000 bytes expressed doubts about this extension: “I didn’t have a strong opinion until yesterday and still think it’s a good encoder and debugger. However, this integration request gives access to the commit, which I’m not sure from him. ”

He added that he considers Bitcoin Core maintenance to be central, as “there will be 7 maintainers and 3 of them will be funded by Brink.” Something another developer confirms that was identified as 0xB10C.

Brink is a non-profit association devoted to Bitcoin research and development, which for two years has been awarding grants to Bitcoin computer scientists and programmers. Gloria Chao herself participates in this program known as a Brink Fellow, in addition to winning other scholarships for her work, as we reported on CriptoNoticias.

Other Bitcoin developers are excited to have Gloria Zhao added to the Bitcoin Core admin group. Among them, developer and moderator Andrew Zhao, who commented, “I think Glozo [Gloria Zhao] She is very well suited for maintenance and her expertise in memoir and politics makes these areas a good focus for her.”

Added Michael Folkson, another developer with admin permissions that the request has been confirmed by at least 13 people, Including principal supervisor Michael Ford and Vladimir van der Laan.

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