The first free DeFi mutual fund created by…

Thus, IMANTIA SANDBOX, the first Spanish free investment fund based on DeFi (Decentralized Finance), was registered.

The CNMV, in the context of regulatory protection, has registered IMANTIA SANDBOX, the first Spanish hedge fund, albeit in a test environment, to invest in decentralized loan protocols.

The fund was born under the second regulatory Sandbox in Spain, in a project co-led by Onyze, the first new generation of custodians in Spain, and Imantia, one of the investment fund managers with the longest track record in our country.

The main strategy of lmantia Sandbox will be “lending” of crypto assets, a process very similar to the traditional lending process, with the difference of decentralization of entities and the immutability of the blockchain.

The advantages of decentralized finance in this way are transferred to this investment fund that will operate with collateralized tokens using “lending” or loan operations.

To get the qualifying universe and reduce the market and counterparty risk, Imantia will create a selection process divided into 3 layers (Blockchain, Protocol and Stablecoins), specifying the minimum requirements that must be met.

Having these tokens and operating in networks like Avalanche was able to push the boundaries of traditional finance with innovation as a driver, because outside this environment that was not possible.

Subscriptions and refunds are expected to begin in the coming weeks. In this testing period, all operations will be limited to the project promoters and their employees.

Angel Luis Quesada Nieto, CEO of Onyze, emphasized: “We are at a key moment in the evolution of decentralized finance and its approach to the more traditional sectors of the financial system. It is time to take advantage of the advantages they offer us and work together to advance the crypto ecosystem in the right direction.”

Mario Diaz, Director of Business and Communications at Imantia, explains: “The sandbox allows us to deal with decentralized finance in an orderly and easy way in order to make it available to end investors in the future.”

IMANTIA SANDBOX is another financial innovation initiative that Onyze has indulged in after the successful issuance, a few months ago, of a fund whose token shares were registered on the blockchain in parallel with the traditional issuance. In this case, the trustee was part of the lead development of the product, also licensing the CNMV in the first Spanish Sandbox. Thus, for the third time in less than two months, the work of the new generation of custodian reinforces his commitment to regulating the cryptocurrency market.

The launch of this fund represents another step in Imantia’s process of creating an innovative portfolio of products that reflects the shift we are witnessing towards a new economy.

ONYZE DIGITAL ASSETS is a start-up from Madrid dedicated to the new generation of cryptocurrency custodians. It was born three years ago to its three founders, Angel Luis Quesada, Inico Knorr and Alvaro Alcanese Rubio. Since then, it has only grown, reaching agreements with partners such as Renta 4 Banco or Allfunds and projects with entities such as CaixaBank. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a leading provider in the Spanish market in custody services for digital assets, and with an international vocation, to become one of the main European standards in this field in the coming years.

IMANTIA CAPITAL is an investment and pension fund manager with over 40 years of experience. It has a risk-centric philosophy based on three components: volatility, decline and diversification. The manager is considered a standard in the fixed income market, and in recent years, it has been recognized in the variable income market by both objective and quantitative products. It has more than 7,300 million euros of assets under influence.

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