BitBase opens its first store in Latin America

It all started with a small shop in Barcelona. The bet was risky: a physical point (such as a pharmacy or hardware store under your house) where cryptocurrency was advised and sold. after five years, BitBase It is the most important cryptocurrency company in Spain.

From Barcelona they spread throughout Spain. Later they landed in Lisbon (Portugal), and now a decisive moment comes: BitBase crosses the pond and opens the first Phygital exchange in Latin America on July 18. Specifically in Asuncion (Paraguay), in front of CC Shopping Mariscal.

BitBase will be Paraguay The first Phygital exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrency in the country. Over the course of 2022, it will be accompanied by the installation of several ATMs for cryptocurrency across the territory, as well as the opening of more physical points in other cities of the country.

2022, the year of BitBase’s international expansion

Even the coronavirus pandemic has not been able to stop this Catalan startup, which in 2022 began an international expansion that will not stop in the coming months.

Its first store outside Spain opened in Lisbon on January 24, 2022. As in the case of Paraguay, there was also no physical crypto institution in Portuguese territory before.

With one in Asuncion there will already be 30 BitBase Cryptocurrency Storesincluding those operating under the franchise system.

The next challenge, as they pointed out from the company, is also on the other side of the pond, because the goal is Create Another Phygital Exchange for Cryptocurrency in Venezuela.

BitBase, About to Reach 100 Cryptocurrency ATMs

In addition to stores, BitBase is also experiencing a major expansion with Installing cryptocurrency ATMs. In fact, by the time you read this article, he may have already reached a hundred. Currently, at the time of writing, there are 90 cryptocurrency sellers that have BitBase, making it The company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain (Long distance of the second) and the third in Europe.

In addition, thanks to BitBase, Spain is the highest earning country in Europe Cryptocurrency ATMswith a significant difference from the second (Switzerland).

In total, according to CoinATMRadar, there are 38,116 crypto vending machines in the world. It was 4,826 on June 1, 2019, thus, the number has increased 689.8% in just three years.

By country, the United States tops the ranking with 33,518. Which means that 87.9% of crypto ATMs worldwide are located in the US.

In Europe there are 1,423 ATMs, 100 of which are from BitBase (6.3%). The progress on the Old Continent is also remarkable, as on June 1, 2019 there were 1,058 ATMs. Ergo, the number has grown by 34.5% since then.

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