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Making payments online has become very popular these days. We think it will be more frequent in the future. Platforms that we load credit on or link to a credit card or bank account are a convenient tool for payments – and PayPal is one of those platforms.

Security is still the top concern of a large number of consumers when it comes to online payments. When we enter a credit card number and some other private information into forms on online store websites, we often get the feeling: “What if there’s been abuse?” How does PayPal overcome this and what is the security of said payment processing platform?

Paypal payment is easy, fast and above all safe in online stores

The best thing about PayPal is that we simply enter the required information and can actually use it as a payment method on millions of websites around the world. PayPal has an enviable history of more than 20 years and is known as a secure platform. You can top it up and pay with the available amount or link it to your credit card or bank account. PayPal is trusted by millions of individuals and business users, as it is a secure platform. It is available online or as a mobile app.

Best of all, we can make a PayPal payment without sharing our credit card or bank account information with the online stores where we shop. That’s right – a PayPal account license is all you need to make a purchase. Of course, the online store or service provider must allow PayPal payment.

If we have a credit card and bank account connected, and possibly a loaded balance, when making the transfer, we choose the payment method from which we want to transfer the money.

Simple transfer to a friend

So Paypal is a financial tool that allows you to make transactions online without having to enter your financial information on each site separately. This is how we simplify shopping and make it safer. PayPal also allows you to send or transfer money to other users. Simple, easy, safe and fast. All you have to do is enter the user’s email address or phone number and choose the transfer amount – of course, the recipient of the transfer must also have their own PayPal account.

PayPal Register

But before we start thinking about purchases and transfers, it is necessary to register with PayPal. So first, visit the website, where you can create an account in a few steps.

At the top of the registration page, click the “Register” button, as you are used to online applications or mobile applications.

Then select whether you want a personal account (“Personal Account”) or a business account (“Business Account”), which provides some additional options for business users. In our case, we chose a special country and changed the country to Slovenia below – by clicking on the flag. Keep pressing the “Continue” button.

A new page opens where you enter your phone number, which will come in handy later if you forget your password or if you want multi-factor authentication to log in. Entering a phone number is mandatory. Click Next.

A page opens where you must enter the six-digit code you received on the phone number you entered in the previous step.

Once you’ve entered all six numbers, you’re already on a new page asking for some additional information, which – since it’s an app you’ll be paying with – is quite understandable.

After filling in the box with name, surname, date of birth and some other information and creating a password, click OK and create an account. Before that, you must check the boxes related to agreeing with the PayPal terms under the completed windows (just above the “Agree and create account” button). You won’t work without it.

Above this window there is a checkbox where you can leave or remove a “tick” – this determines whether you want to receive offers and promotions from Paypal in your email account.

Now, about 5 minutes after filling in the registration information, you reach the end of the process, where PayPal informs you that you have successfully completed the registration and you can decide whether to go shopping or if you want to transfer money to a PayPal user. Anyway, of course you don’t have to do that yet, but you have created an account.

In the meantime, we confirmed the newly created PayPal account via email.

When we log in, we have a series of options. As we mentioned at the beginning among the options for adding funds, you can load a balance or link it to a bank account or credit card.

Paying by PayPal is useful in many global online stores, for example eBay also allows it. There are a lot of options, but their weakness is that not all online retailers allow it. Finally, using a PayPal account, you can, for example, buy an electronic small inscription in Slovenia.

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