Huawei Watch Fit 2: Elegance, refinement and glamor in one package

The new Huawei Watch Fit 2 is specially designed with the fashion and technology-oriented Gen Z in mind. A device that does not convince in terms of appearance and performance will not impress young people – that’s why Huawei has created a stylish smartwatch with enhanced functionality and an amazing display.

The big screen shows every detail

Launched in 2020, the first watch in the Watch Fit series is Huawei’s first smartwatch with a premium rectangular AMOLED HD FullView display, perfect for viewing every detail.

In the last generation, the screen was 18.6% larger than the previous version and was 4.4 cm diagonally or 1.74 inches, and the screen-to-body ratio was 72.2%, which makes it easier to assimilate information. Its 336 x 480 pixels resolution and 336 pixels per inch density deliver richer, vibrant colors for a truly immersive experience and exceptional quality even on a small screen.

The watch itself is slimmer and sleeker, fitting snugly to the wrist as an attractive accessory, rather than a bulky tech piece. It’s not just a smartwatch, it’s an indispensable fashion piece.

Intuitive design

The screen is now more intuitive than ever, thanks to Huawei’s new user experience design. This allows you to easily enlarge and manage the screen, which can be adjusted according to the applications and functions you use often.

For a more personalized look, Huawei Watch Fit 2 offers a number of stylish watch faces in different styles and colors, so everyone can find something to suit their personality, mood or, last but not least, their dress.

There is also a special watch face that really allows you to wear the most important moments on your wrist. Easily transfer photos from your smartphone to your smartwatch with one click. Rectangular screen allows viewing of images in full and in high definition showing every detail.

Express yourself in color

Each version of the Watch Fit 2 comes with a unique color choice. The active version, reminiscent of the previous generation, is available in pink and black, while the classic white version adheres to simple and well-established elegance guidelines.

Users can choose between soft, comfortable silicone and elegant leather straps, all in an array of attractive colors and modern styles. With a simple design, the tape can be removed with one click and replaced at once. So you can always be suitably equipped for every situation, from the sports track to the dinner party.

Personal style changes from day to day: everyone has his own preferences and wants to express himself in his own way, sometimes it depends on the current mood, the occasion or even the weather. Therefore, Huawei Watch Fit is the perfect smartwatch, because it always reflects your mood and style, and in addition, as its name suggests, you will always be with it. fitIt contains up to 97 different indoor and outdoor exercises.

Equipped for the future

However, Huawei recently introduced a number of other exceptional devices. First up are the MateBook D 16 and MateBook 16s laptops. The innovative foldable phone Mate Xs 2, mid-range phones Huawei nova Y70 and Huawei nova Y90 For music and good sound, FreeBuds Pro 2 wireless headphones follow.

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