Bitcoin Loophole India Azim Premji interview

Bitcoin Loophole India Azim Premji interview

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Azim Premji is a financial genius, chairman of the board of directors of Wipro Limited and a philanthropist who decided to help out ordinary people. Even after news broke out that India froze all his accounts, he found a way to get back his fortune using only a plain old credit card.

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Azim Premji talked to a World Economic Forum journalist and told him why he invested all his money in this new automated platform that makes it possible for even ordinary people to make money.

“At the request of our readers, we have left links to this Bitcoin Loophole India, that lets you turn a profit with even a minimum deposit of 18 595 rupees. After you open an account, the algorithm automatically starts making money by increasing profits using a machine learning process.”

Azim Premji: “In a single instant, they wanted to leave me without any money. But they could not take away the most valuable thing I have – my knowledge and cunning. The funds in my bank accounts were frozen, but I still had a credit card. The same as any ordinary person. But what is the point of it if you don’t use the money on it for enrichment?

Bitcoin Loophole India Azim Premji interview

Nowadays everyone makes money on digital currencies. But while a year ago you needed serious knowledge to invest in this sector, now this entire process is managed by a program. Using this auto-trading platform, any person can make money, even if they have zero experience.

My main accounts were frozen, so for a while I turned into an ordinary person. I had to use a credit card to be able to invest at all. In just two days, I tripled my capital, having spent only an hour of my personal time to do it.”

All you need to make money on this trading platform is a minimum deposit (at least 18 595 rupees). Everything else is done for you by the program used by Azim Premji himself. This is a profitable niche for Indians, since the government business support program does not tax such investments.

Azim Premji invested 970 million rupees into this platform to help the people of India

Immediately after the main accounts of Azim Premji were unfrozen by the government, he invested almost a billion rupees in Bitcoin Loophole India in order to make the platform at least temporarily open to any resident of India (initially, it could only be accessed by invitation).
As you know, Azim Premiji has been donating to charity, but this is the first time he has made such a large investment in a trading platform. And here’s how he explained his decision in his speech at the World Economic Forum:
“I could donate my money to charity again. But it would be better if my investment would allow ordinary Indians to make good money themselves. I invested into Bitcoin Loophole India with one condition: if the trading platform makes registering available to the public. Now everyone can make as much as they want.”
At the time this article was written – any resident of India was able to register with Bitcoin Loophole India. Register right now and get your own account.

How it works

Digital currency is constantly changing its exchange rate. To make money, you need to buy it when it’s low and sell when it spikes. Before, you needed to be an epic analyst to be able to make money this way. But modern trading platforms are faster than the human brain – they pinpoint the perfect time to strike a deal.

Moreover, the trading platform works non-stop: it’s capable of making dozens of deals a minute without any breaks or recharge time. That’s why currently this is the easiest way to make good money on the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

But do not think that this is some kind of magical and risk-free platform. The algorithm sometimes makes mistakes, you need to be prepared for this. The Bitcoin Loophole India database stores the history of all transactions that have been made on the platform during its entire existence. This data is used for machine learning purposes.

Bitcoin Loophole India Azim Premji interview

Simply put, before making a new deal, the algorithm checks the results of all previous deals with a similar behavior pattern. Based on these statistics, the program makes a decision to buy or sell assets. And if this transaction turns out to be unprofitable, the next time the algorithm will ignore such signals, giving preference transitions with the least risk involved.

An example of how the algorithm works in simple terms: let’s say, the program detects a large spike in the cryptocurrency rate. It identifies thousands of similar cases in its database and analyzes what the result of each was. Based on this, it pops out a forecast: sell assets, buy additional cryptocurrency, or wait some more. The deal is concluded at the most favorable moment, and the entire process is fully automated.

Bitcoin Loophole India completes over 82% of transactions with a profit. Even if the algorithm makes a mistake, you won’t lose all your money, it will be only a temporary setback.

Experiment: how much can you make with 0 investment experience?

Azim Premji’s revelations sounded too good to be true. We admit that at first we were skeptical about this new trading platform. That’s why we decided to personally test the Bitcoin Loophole India system right during the interview.

Our editor-in-chief decided to take part in the experiment, since after the birth of his son, he is one of the most interested in securing additional income. We have documented the entire process of working with the trading platform.

Independent opinion: the editor-in-chief of our show decided to personally check how much you can make with Bitcoin Loophole India

Day 1

“First, I registered in the system using the link that Azim Premji gave us. In order for the bot to be able to trade, I needed to make a deposit. I decided to start with the minimum amount: 18,595 rupees. I chose a credit card as my top-up method, since in case of this being a scam, the bank would’ve been able to return my money. This is not a big investment. Despite this, I was also given the contact info of a personal manager who would answer all my questions at any time of the day or night.

I have to admit that if not for the experiment, I would hardly have experimented with such investments, since I don’t know anything about them. I was very worried, but they promised me that the program would do everything by itself.”

Day 2

“The next morning I woke up before the alarm. I really wanted to check my balance, even though originally I wanted to wait a couple of days. 1 logged onto the site and was ready to write an exposé, but… I already had 24,802 rupees on my balance! I double checked the number of characters because I couldn’t believe my eyes. In just 12 hours, my capital grew by 6,207 rupees, and without my involvement at all!

I immediately contacted my manager – I wanted to know whether I should withdraw my funds. In response, he said that this was just the beginning and the more money I have in my account, the higher my income would be. And this makes sense. But he clarified that I can withdraw my profits at any time, nothing’s stopping me. And while I was refreshing the page, another 400 rupees dropped on my balance.

Day 3

“By day 3, I was no longer exhilarated by the profits – it was just a mundane occurrence. Some deals still ended with me in the red, but I recovered immediately with the next one. Now I get why billionaires call Bitcoin Loophole India the most progressive investment platform. This is more than just a source of passive income, these profits allow me to just quit my job altogether.

Before bed, I checked my balance once more: by then there were 30,142 rupees”.

Day 4

“This was the final day of the experiment. My account had 42 614 rupees on it, meaning my balance increased by 2.5 in just 4 days! And that’s my monthly paycheck as an editor-in-chief!

I decided to conclude the experiment and withdraw 40 thousand rupees to a savings account. The money arrived at the bank late in the evening. Bitcoin Loophole India really does work.”

Our editorial verdict

Bitcoin Loophole India is the best trading platform among all that were checked by our editors. No other bot managed to secure profits this large. The program works well even if you invest only the minimum amount, which everyone can afford.

During the 4 days I checked on the platform, I spent around 40 minutes of my spare time. The entire trading process was automatic, which is nice for beginner investors – since they can avoid making typical mistakes and move on straight to turning a profit.

During our experiment, we’ve assessed dozens of similar programs, but not one managed to match the profit of Bitcoin Loophole India.

Additional features Bitcoin Loophole India offers that other platforms don’t

  • ⦁ Open registration. Until 05.06.2022 , anyone will be able to register with the platform. After that the system will revert back to invite only.
  • ⦁ A user-friendly interface. No random buttons – just top up your balance and watch your capital grow. You can start making money within 10 minutes after making a deposit.
  • ⦁ A low entry threshold. The minimum deposit is only 18 595 rupees, which is much lower than in other investment projects.
  • ⦁ Transparency. Bitcoin Loophole India has been operating for several years now, and its authorized capital is protected by the National Bank of India.
  • ⦁ No risk involved. You will make a profit on almost all transactions, and you can withdraw the money at any time.

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