Crypto Plaza a new collector of “King” work…

  • Crypto Plaza is the new collector of Mentalink’s “King” work. A work from the Street Souls collection he made for the MITO show.

  • The artist will paint a graffiti for this unique piece in the offices of Crypto Plaza in Madrid.

Crypto Plaza, one of the largest Spanish-speaking crypto community, is the new Mosque From the play “The King”, which belongs to the “Street Souls” group created for the MITO exhibition. This set consists of four characters representing the four spirits of the street: the wizard, the lord of ceremonies, the big boy and the king.

Street leader. He detects all trades and doesn’t want to move a hair unless he earns a few coins. It is advisable to follow his steps because he is not usually wrong. This explains this work, 1:1 the only one that Back from the world of NFT to the street In the form of graffiti the artist will represent in the offices of Crypto Plaza.

“It seems to us typical and significant that an urban work of art that leaves the street to be installed in the NFT, returns to it to become ephemeral art (or not). Whether it remains on the wall or not, it will always be visible and burn in the blockchain through the NFT”, notes MITO Gallery, Initiative promoters.

MITO Gallery, as an exhibition of Sponsored by Digital Art, releases groups of artists who, in addition to presenting their work, create additional content that collectors take away with each piece. In the case of “King,” a one-of-a-kind piece, the reward given to the collector is a mural painted into a physical space.

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