Inspirational love stories for couples who met online

Dating and private communications on have led to over 28,000 couples who started their love stories directly on in the more than 20 years of operation of the portal.

Every dating story is unique and has its own stories – are you interested in how some of the stories started?

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Being alone is not as beautiful as being together – Vera and Mirko

They signed up for because they are tired of being single. Mirko found Verica’s profile and was also the first to write. Since there was no response after the first message, he did not give up, but wrote a second time and then a third time. Several attempts paid off and her letter appeared in his mailbox. Correspondence flowed quickly, interest in each other grew, as did the desire for a first date.

But .. they met during covid restrictions! So Vera took charge and invited Mirko to her house for coffee. The day of the meeting has arrived. Tensions increased on both sides. There was a lot of this positive fear when you look up to someone who has become close to you online, but at the same time you are filled with unknown feelings.

Mirko wanted to make a good first impression and Give Verika a red rose on the first date As a sign of the interest and affection they gained from meeting each other online.

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Every little distance, especially if you’re in love – Marinka & Damjan was suggested to me by a good friend. About a month after signing up on, Damjan wrote to me. We did not speak at first, after half a year he wrote to me again, and that is when we started correspondence.

We agreed to meet in person as well. Since I was from Ljubljana and he was from Koper, We agreed on a date somewhere in the middle of the road. In order not just to sit at the bar, but to make our history a kind of fun excursion, we chose to visit Postojna Cave.

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We spent seven hours together that day. The atmosphere had a bit of everything: Awkward, scared, beautiful and smiling. We also said a very awkward or impersonal goodbye, without a hug or at least a handshake. Just in words: Thank you, it was great and we’ll see each other again. CIAO.

Will we see each other again? We were uncomfortable with this CIAO, we were confused. When we got home, we talked about it and laughed and agreed to meet again for the weekend. He took me on a very nice trip around Istria. We continued such a beautiful gathering. At first, every weekend, then between days during the week, but soon I landed in Primorsko permanently.

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First Kiss and a Broken Heart – Anna and Clement

I clicked first and the conversation started in a very simple and honest way. I wrote that I think she’s cute, I don’t know what to write and that I’m completely new to this, and if she’s simply going for a walk or a drink to get to know each other. She answered very succinctly that she supported it, and so we agreed to meet over the weekend.

The moment I saw her live, something appeared inside of me and this was a sign that she was to me. During this date, Anna quickly invited to a new date at a pizzeria. First, a pizza and a glass of wine, then a walk around the Ljubljana castle, and finally a dance under the stars with headphones in your ears, like in a movie. I ended up kissing her and we both went home happily.

The next day she wrote to me that she had two more dates, that is, we never said that we are now a couple and we did not “officially” confirm our relationship with words. I thought the kiss confirmed that. It seems I was wrong. When she told me this, I was very sad and completely depressed because in my head we were already a couple and happy in love.

When I went on a date with someone else, I sat on the couch watching TV. I opened a beer and told myself that if she wanted to have anything with me, she would call me after the date was over. The feelings inside me were so strong and even when we were together, we felt such a strong connection. And lo and behold, when she finished the appointment, she already called me, and immediately asked her how it was. The conversation went well, we spoke again for a few hours on the phone.

Another date follows the next day. I told her then that I didn’t like her going on a date because I thought we were together because of the kiss (I had a date with another girl, but I canceled that date as soon as I got home from the first date). She smiled as if defiant and teased me a little, and then we said “officially” with words that we are a couple and that we will be together.

For us, this moment was really something special, something incredible, how it all happened. It’s more like watching some kind of romantic comedy that has all the potential complications during the movie, but in the end everything is as it should be.

Video content (Steps to success) – Help Karmen & Primož get to know each other

After several years of breaking up with their former partners, they decided it was time for a new serious relationship. Carmen wanted a real partner who could do it excess of her loveand did primo decided after the positive experiences of his mother and sisterwho both found partners on

I attracted Primož with an introductory offer… (the presentation written in my profile was: “I want to love and respect you…”). He quickly called me, called me on a date two days later and boldly asked: “Will you be my girlfriend?”

I am grateful for the video content on the portal about relationships, I gained a lot, especially the fact that I confidently wrote a list of my partner’s values ​​… and you won’t believe … Primož is wonderful, my soul mate who has all the values ​​written in him and lives.

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The spark jumped even before the coffee got cold – Tatjana & Srečko

We’ve both been widowers for years after our husbands got sick, and Corona showed how lonely you feel when you’re completely alone in an apartment.

We have created a profile at and He had a pleasant conversation with his peers in the fall of his life. We didn’t have any bad experiences with reporters, everyone was polite and friendly. We are positively surprised by everything.

We were able to catch up pretty quickly and the conversation flowed on its own. When the Corona situation calmed down, we I got halfway too soon. Each of us comes from our own area in beautiful Slovenia, so the meeting was somewhere halfway for both of us. The spark jumped between us even before the coffee had cooled.

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