Rockstar has announced more than 200 new jobs. Intense preparations for GTA VI?

Rockstar has announced more than 220 new jobs in the last month alone.

Everyone who follows the news in the field of computer games knows that Rockstar is a new sequel to the most famous and profitable Grand Theft Auto series. Since it’s such a huge project, no one expects to see GTA VI on the shelves this year. 2023 is also a very optimistic forecast, and 2024 is more realistic. Rockstar seems serious. Even before the new jobs were announced, Rockstar had access to a fair amount of development talent. But when more than 200 workers join them, they will have to slowly consider expanding workplaces.

On the Rockstar website, you can see all the jobs advertised for all of their studios around the world. Keep an eye out for the list of jobs posted on Hitmarker, a job site dedicated to gaming and esports jobs. There are 226 crazy jobs listed on the site, all of which were posted in the last month. In just the past few days, the number has increased by 75 new places.

The job posting covers many disciplines: development coordinator, experienced product manager, tester, animators, programmers, computer vision specialist, SQL server developer and more. The tender itself does not mention the game GTA VI, but we can conclude that an entire army of talents can only be devoted to such a game as GTA VI. All GTA Online players will be delighted with the news of the announcement of quite a few jobs to support Rockstar Social Club and its success on the Internet.

The highly optimistic individuals hope the vacancies are a sign that Rockstar will revive some of its past successes. Do you still remember the Manhunt or Bully games or the detective hit Max Payne? No one will defend it, provided that the development of new games does not hinder the development of GTA VI. Rockstar didn’t make a game that wasn’t GTA or Red Dead Redemption a while ago (about 10 years ago?). Fans of the latter received bad news earlier this month, as the studio decided that Red Dead Online would not be receiving major content updates, mainly due to the fact that most of the resources are dedicated to GTA VI.

So far, nothing concrete is known about the new GTA game, the Internet is full of rumors with unofficial information or unconfirmed information from whistleblowers. However, Rockstar will announce its first-quarter financial results on August 8th, which could mean fans will get a nugget or two of more concrete information.

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