Solid State Drives with a capacity of 400TB are just a matter of time!

In this day and age, there is not enough space to store data. This on solid state drives is still growing very slowly to meet the needs of the most demanding. However, the situation in this area is improving, which was clearly indicated by Micron with the start of preparation of a new product. They began to produce 232-layer NAND memory, which will make it possible to produce extremely powerful and spacious hard drives.

By setting up 232-layer NAND memory, Micron improved its 2020 memory by about 32 percent, with the latter being “only” 176 layers. Current solid-state drives also contain 64-layer, 96-layer, and 128-layer NAND memory. Currently, the most spacious 100TB SSD is the 3.5-inch model from Nimbus Data. This contains 64 layers of NAND memory. Micron’s new memories are expected to enable larger products to be produced.

Micron has big plans with its 232-layer NAND memory. With their help, even solid-state drives with a capacity of up to 400 TB can be produced over the next year. This will be by far the most disadvantaged hard drive manufacturer, which is already facing a significant drop in sales.

A recent survey by Storage Newsletter also showed that classic hard drives are likely to be forgotten soon. In the second quarter of this year, demand for conventional hard drives fell by as much as 33 percent compared to the same period last year. This actually means that only 45 million hard drives were sold during the said period. And this is significantly less compared to the same period in 2010, when sellers managed to sell a total of 162 million hard disks.

Dealers also reported a significant drop in sales of 2.5-inch hard disk drives. In the last quarter, only 11 million hard disks were sold. As expected, they were replaced by solid state drives, mainly in desktop and laptop computers. Does this mean your hard drives are about to say goodbye? In all likelihood no, but it will likely only exist in data centers where capacity is more important than speed.[njegaupadaprodajesotrgovcizabeležilitudipri25-palčnihtrdihdiskihVzadnjemtromesečjujebilonamrečprodanihzgolj11milijonovtovrstnihtrdihdiskovTesopričakovanonadomestilipogoniSolidStatepredvsemvnamiznihinprenosnihračunalnikihAlitopomenidasebodotrdidiskikmaluposlovili?Povsejverjetnostineabodotiboljkotneobstalilevpodatkovnihcentrihkjerjekapacitetapomembnejšaodhitrosti[njegaupadaprodajesotrgovcizabeležilitudipri25-palčnihtrdihdiskihVzadnjemtromesečjujebilonamrečprodanihzgolj11milijonovtovrstnihtrdihdiskovTesopričakovanonadomestilipogoniSolidStatepredvsemvnamiznihinprenosnihračunalnikihAlitopomenidasebodotrdidiskikmaluposlovili?Povsejverjetnostineabodotiboljkotneobstalilevpodatkovnihcentrihkjerjekapacitetapomembnejšaodhitrosti

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