Star Wars Remake: Knights of the Old Republic Commentary

Remember back in 2003 when we rushed out of school or work to play the legendary RPG game KOTOR? At the time, we thought it was one of the best games, but it was hard to predict that it would enjoy cult status after 20 years. The same goes for a supplement, but not to the same extent.

Last year we got confirmation that a whole new version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been in development for some time, or at least three years. Now, according to the Bloomberg portal, the new version, which was initially intended for the PlayStation 5 and PC, has been temporarily suspended. News also leaked that the art director and design director were fired earlier this month after they and the development team pitched demos of the game to Lucasfilm and Sony.

We weren’t given an approximate time frame for release when last fall’s launch was rumored to be late 2022, but those were optimistic predictions, especially given the global pandemic. Now the most realistic forecast is in 2025. Studio Asyper Media, owned by the Embracer Group, has taken over the work. Part of this company is also studio Saber Interactive (World War Z: Aftermath, Dakar Desert Rally…), which is rumored within master development studio Aspyr to take over the entire project. These are just rumors for now, just take the information with caution.

Credit for the legendary and cult mode of the original KOTOR game goes to the studio Bioware, which has long been known as one of the best RPG developers. Studio Asypr is also very familiar with the game, as they were responsible for porting the game for other platforms (mobile, Switch…). Some of the original members of the original Bioware team, who served the masterpiece in 2003, are also involved in the remake. Unfortunately for many, the game will initially be a PlayStation 5 exclusive title. It is not known at the moment when we can expect it on PC or Xbox. The optimistic forecast will be in a year, but it may take longer.

KOTOR Remake isn’t the only Star Wars game we can look forward to in the coming years. EA Respawn is making good progress with its Jedi: Fallen Order sequel, Quantic Dream is making a game called Star Wars: Eclipse. Meanwhile, popular game director Amy Hennig has created a new studio in which an “original story set in the fabled Star Wars galaxy” is being developed.

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