We will be able to buy already powerful Intel Raptor Lake processors …

Intel processors with the development name Rapor Lake are increasingly in the spotlight. Here, of course, we are talking about the thirteenth generation of Intel processors, which, in fact, will represent the evolution of the Alder Lake processor cores. These will be based on a 10nm technology called “SuperFin”, but will be much more powerful compared to current models, about 20 percent. This will surely satisfy even the most demanding users.

Intel is expected to introduce Raptor Lake processors soon. This is supposed to happen between September 27 and 28 this year, as part of a conference to be held in San Jose, California. This is actually going to be a conference very much aimed at developers. Intel is expected to use this event to introduce its 13th generation processors. Intel Rapor Lake processors are expected to go on sale on October 17 this year. These will initially only be available in select markets around the world, but by the end of the year at the latest, they are expected to reach other global markets.

Expectations for the new Intel Raptor Lake processors are high. These powerful processors will use P-Core (Performance Core), which will be based on the Raptor Cove building. In addition, of course, energy-efficient E-Core processor cores (Efficiency Core) will also be used. The most powerful model is said to have 24 physical cores (8 P-Core and 16 E-Core) and 32 processor threads. The highest frequency for newcomers is said to be over six gigahertz. This will be achieved through Digital Linear Voltage Regulator (DLVR) technology. These will support both older DDR4 system memory and newer DDR5 memory for the stick.

For the new Intel Raptor Lake processors, there will of course be new motherboards equipped with the new Intel Z790 system clusters. By default, these will support the fast PCI-E 5.0 M.2 data bus for solid state drives. Of course, there will also be support for the fast PCI-E 5.0 x16 graphics bus and better support for DDR5 system memory. Of course, he will also be able to use the new Intel Raptor Lake-S processors with motherboards with Intel 600 family systems groups. For this, it will only be necessary to update the BIOS code for the device.

Intel is said to initially offer for sale three models of new processors, Core i9-13900K, Core i7-13700K and Core i5-13600K. Along with them, as mentioned earlier, motherboards with Intel Z790 system groups will also be available. Cheaper motherboards with the H760 and B760 system combinations won’t be available to PC rebels until early next year.

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