You will only charge your Huawei nova Y70 twice a week

Huawei recently launched the Huawei nova Y70 smartphone in Slovenia, with which it aims to provide users with the latest and most advanced technology at an affordable price. The phone brings a series of great features, including a 17 cm (6.75 inch) Huawei FullView display, a 6000 mAh battery, 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge charging, 128 GB of large memory for data storage, and EMUI 12 operating system thanks to its performance With its modern design, the Huawei nova Y70 smartphone offers a more innovative, smooth and smart user experience.

Thanks to the big battery, you only need to charge it twice a week

The Huawei nova Y70 smartphone inherited a large battery, which is one of the features of the nova series. With a capacity of up to 6000 mAh, it offers exceptional autonomy and thus a reliable user experience without worrying about running out of power at the most inopportune moment. At the same time, Huawei has included a unique smart saving technology that optimizes eight areas of consumption using artificial intelligence algorithms.

There is also a 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge technology with a 13-layer integrated protection system and an improved electrochemical system for safe charging and slower battery life. In regular phone use, you will only need to charge it twice a week. The power optimization system recognizes and closes unnecessary apps, which also extends battery life. The nova Y70 smartphone can stay in standby mode for 12 hours if you turn on Ultra Power Saving mode when the battery is charged at 5%. The extra-large battery provides an output current of 5V (1A) via the USB-C port to power other smaller devices when needed.

Huawei FullView Display for a full visual experience

The Huawei nova Y70 smartphone features a 17.14 cm (6.75 inch) FullView display, which combines thin bezels with a large screen area to deliver a wider view and a great visual experience. The result for the new screen is also an extraordinary screen-to-body ratio of 90.26%.

To reduce eye strain, various operating modes are available, including smart dimming, bright screen, and e-book reading mode. As a result, the display will always be optimally readable, regardless of lighting conditions. However, since prolonged viewing at night can irritate and strain the eyes, Huawei’s new Y70 automatically adjusts brightness and color temperature.

The new smartphone also inherited the technical excellence of the nova series. It has a sleek and clean curved design, while the case comes in one of three possible colors: Pearl White, Crystal Blue and Midnight Black.

Large feeding area and a new audio experience

Huawei strives to provide users with the latest technological breakthroughs and through them brings a digital life powered by artificial intelligence. For this reason, the new Huawei Y70 is equipped with 4 GB of working memory and up to 512 GB of main memory when using micro SD memory cards. Large storage space frees you from worry and ensures stable operation and quick launch of applications. EROFTS superior data compression technology is also available, which reduces space consumption for storing photos, videos, games and other files.

Sound quality is the next area in which the nova series phones shine. The Huawei nova Y70 smartphone is equipped with the upgraded Huawei SuperSound system, which improves sound quality and delivers deep bass and clearer media, with greatly improved dynamic range and sense of space. Support is also provided for a 9.1 channel virtual surround sound effect with exceptional 3D effects. Whether you are listening to music or watching movies, you will enjoy great sound and sound effects.

Excellent front and back camera quality

The Huawei nova Y70 has an 8MP camera in the display hole on the front, which can take selfies with very sharp details. It also supports bokeh effect and with the help of Huawei AI Beauty algorithms, it creates a customized beauty effect depending on the gender and age of the portrait. There is also HDR technology with backlight, which is responsible for more details in portraits and panoramic photos without being affected by light disturbances.

The rear group of three cameras, whose capabilities are greatly supported by artificial intelligence algorithms, includes a 48-megapixel main camera (f / 1.8 screen), a 5-megapixel wide-angle camera with a 120-degree field of view, and a 2-megapixel depth camera. Every shot of the HD main camera is perfect thanks to Huawei’s improved algorithms that reduce noise and increase dynamic range. While the wide-angle camera allows you to capture a wider scene in the shot, save an important memory from a beautiful natural panorama or hang out with friends more easily.

A separate depth camera works in conjunction with newly developed algorithms that improve the effect of background blur based on accurate data on target distance and depth. It is especially useful in portrait mode.

Effective, convenient and safe smart life experience

Simple and innovative drag-and-drop connection method is available to control and collaborate between EMUI 12 devices. In the Super Device interface, the Huawei nova Y70 smartphone icon in the center is surrounded by icons representing other devices, such as smartphones, speakers or headphones. To connect it to the desired device, it is enough to drag and drop its icon on the smartphone icon. In addition, support is provided for the Huawei MeeTime communication service, which supports, among other things, HD video calls with up to 12 participants. Transfer calls to your Huawei Vision TV and enjoy the video conference experience on a larger screen.

For ease of use, the new Huawei Y70 supports Simple Mode. Upon activation, the home screen image is concise with icons, fonts, and large size settings. In normal view, gestures with knuckles are also enabled, which, among other things, has become a popular way to take screenshots.

Like all modern Huawei smartphones, the new Y70 is equipped with HMS mobile services and AppGallery, as a central source for downloading and installing applications. In addition to the important and popular global applications, there is an equally rich range of local applications that cater to diverse needs. Additionally, AppGallery provides security measures, including searching for vulnerabilities, detecting personal data leaks (privacy concerns), detecting malicious app behavior, and manually validating developer claims. In addition, there is a special mode for minors that protects them from the harmful effects of the Internet.

The Huawei nova Y70 smartphone provides a comprehensive and updated user experience. From highly practical features such as a large screen, long battery life and large memory for data storage, to technological elements such as imaging capabilities, intelligent interaction and excellent video. Through them, it not only brings an experience that combines technology and fashion, but also provides a simple yet convenient, efficient, secure and reliable user experience.

Price and availability

The Huawei nova Y70 is available in Slovenia in Pearl White, Crystal Blue and Midnight Black at a recommended price of €199.

A connected ecosystem of devices

In addition to Huawei nova Y70, Huawei has recently introduced a number of other new devices. First, there’s the Mate Xs 2 foldable phone, followed by the Huawei nova Y90 mid-range phone, and the MatePad Paper e-ink screen tablet, for the most demanding users of the innovative MateBook 16s and MateBook D 16 laptops with a 16-inch screen. Screen lovers, music lovers and good sound will be greeted by the FreeBuds Pro 2 wireless headphones.

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