Cosmoverse 2022 announces a call for…

Cosmoverse The most important event of the year for the ATOM community (Cosmos) and its entire ecosystem continues with all preparations for the 2022 edition that will take place in Medellin from September 26-28.

On this occasion, the event organizers announced that applications are open for free tickets for students, educators and developers who want to learn from the Cosmos ecosystem.

Students and academic staff interested in learning about Cosmos and participating in the event and art workshops will be able to choose free tickets by completing the following appearance.

Similarly, developers, researchers and artists are invited to apply through the following appearance To be one of the beneficiaries of free access to Cosmoverse 2022, And learn from the international experts who will be gathering at the event.

Event organizers will screen applicants and announce those selected to enjoy the Cosmoverse experience.

In total there will be more than 12 technical workshops, three days of the conference and about 1000 people from different countries on all continents are expected to attend. as well as representatives of the most relevant projects in the Cosmos ecosystem such as Agoric, Evmos, Secret Network, Akash Network; which has already been confirmed.

Recent ticket sales

After two successful rounds of ticket sales for Universe 2022; The organizers have already set the date of the last round for the purchase of tickets; But they did not disclose the price.

The scheduled day of access to tickets will be August 17, and the last opportunity for the public to access the three days of the conference that will be held at the facilities Intercontinental Hotel in Medellin.

For more information about Universe 2022 You can enter the official group on Telegram cosmoverse_enor visit the official event website at

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