Gernij Simoncic will represent Europe in Monaco

Jernej Simončič qualified for the SimRacing World Cup 2022 final, which will take place on October 23, 2022 in Monaco.

This year’s tournament was organized by the Monaco Esports Federation (MESF) jointly with the International Esports Federation (IESF). The prize fund, amounting to 4,000 euros, will be divided among the top three competitors in the following amounts:

first place: 2500 euros,
2nd place: 1000 euros,
the third place: 500 euros.

The competition is divided into three parts. Jernej Simončič began his NQ journey in July.
Twenty-six Slovenian drivers took part in the challenge at the “Valilunga – International Circuit”. Jernej Simončič achieved the best result with a time of 1: 31.513, followed by Gašper Mrak with a time of 1: 31.582. With this achievement, they qualified for the second or European part of the tournament.
We must also commend the other competitors, whose times you can see at the following link:

41 Confederations took part in the Continental (European) qualifiers, and only the top three drivers made it to the finals. The second part of the competition lasted for 3 days, and competitors could do an unlimited number of laps. At the start of qualifying, Gašper set the best time, soon to be joined by Jernej, but they later fell out of the top five. On the final day of qualifying, Gernig started from second, but the other drivers pushed him to fifth with excellent times. In the last minutes, Journey took his personal record and thus finished second in the overall standings, securing a place in the finals.

As mentioned earlier, the finals will take place on October 23, 2022. 12 drivers will compete (3 from Europe, 2 from America, 2 from Asia, 1 from Oceania and 2 from wildcard). It will consist of four races, the last of which will achieve a double number of points. Congratulations Lairn. We think he will represent Slovenia and Europe in the best light.

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