Powerful Electric Bicycle Promotion

Edit / Add 8/16/2022

The Bezior M26 electric bike has already been sold at its original price. A new promotion is available, that is, with the help of promo code CTM26, you can get the e-bike here for an affordable 809.99 euros.

Small mobility is on the rise. In the largest European cities, including Ljubljana, in addition to classic cyclists, we can also see users of electric bicycles and electric scooters. The basic idea of ​​electric bikes and scooters is very simple: they are fast, comfortable and fun. With them you can avoid the bustle of the city and reach your destination in a very short time. We found a good promotion for the Bezior M26 electric bike online. You can get it here for €809.99 from a European warehouse. Don’t forget to use the promo code CTM26.

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