We tested: SJCAM Sj10 Pro sports camera

Sports or action cameras are increasing in sales. Today, everyone wants to photograph an extreme bike ride through the trees, diving into coral reefs, or maybe their kids jumping into the water.

Sports cameras are characterized by durability, water resistance and a wide shooting angle, which makes it difficult to miss the thing we want to record. In addition, in recent years, they have made significant progress in the field of image quality itself. Here, 4K resolution has become the norm. Of course, action cameras also allow simply to take pictures, although they are mainly intended, as said, for recording.

A niche product that has captured a wide range of users

Sports cameras are basically a fairly niche affair, and since we all ride bikes, skis, shoot underwater and the like, they’ve found their market in a very wide range of users who are happy to take them with them on their adventures.

Today, we can spend a fortune or 10 euros just on sports cameras. You can be sure that there will be a huge difference between a sports camera for 70 euros and a sports camera for 500 euros. But somewhere in between are affordable cameras that offer enviable performance and do a lot for the price they’re asking.

We liked the big screen and 4K recording

We recently got our hands on one of the cameras mentioned above. Shown a lot on paper, the package included a bunch of extras, including a waterproof bag, and the first impression was great. SJCAM Sj10 Pro He made a good impression on us at first sight. It is equipped with a large 5.91 cm (2.33 in) touch screen and a rather large lens on the front, which is placed in the far right corner above.

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