With a digital voucher after purchase

Summer brought higher temperatures, more free time – and what a delight – ’22 digital coupons! Have you ever studied how to redeem it and what to buy so that it is spent as much as possible? Don’t think too much, you can redeem vouchers until the end of November, but you should hurry to get yourself ready before school or the school year starts.

Of course, our pupils, students, and students have a lot of ideas about what can be useful to them digitally, and more in-depth research into computing and digital equipment is being done these days by those a little older, over 55, who are also entitled to digital voucher

Who is Eligible for a ’22 Digital Coupon?

You are entitled to a digital voucher ’22 if you had permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia on March 12, 2022 and at that time you were:

  • Elementary school student in the seventh, eighth, or ninth grade
  • high school student
  • High school and university student
  • Over the age of 55, who will undergo free education in digital literacy, backed by the Promoting Digital Inclusion Act. It is expected to start in August.

Your teen needs a laptop

The first idea is usually to replace your home computer. It’s great, but it is true that 150 euros is wasted quite a bit of the total amount with such a purchase. But at the end of the day, they reduce the investment, and if you decide to buy in installments, it will be a little easier. Perhaps you are finally trading in a desktop computer for a laptop that your teen can use anywhere. The offer of laptops to users with increased or less requirements is really big. Check the offer and check the installment payment options. With digital voucher and installment payment, you will not even feel like buying, but there will be an invaluable feeling of satisfaction when you fulfill the desires of your children, thus making their work for school easier.

When a non-functioning printer leads you to despair

A new printer and/or scanner will also come in handy, right. Perhaps you have already found yourself in a situation where you had everything ready, but before now, at the most inopportune moment, the printer lets you down. Here, too, the offer is very rich, “from small to large”, but given that we use both the printer and the scanner daily at home, it is worth thinking about purchasing a slightly more advanced device that will serve us for a while and cause the least possible number of gray hairs. Well, also for the children of our schools, the day before the presentation of the seminar and other tasks.

With voucher to get high quality accessories

Or we can simply buy something that “goes with it”, not exactly basic computer equipment. Even schoolchildren like this idea. Suddenly, it is important and necessary to update the keyboard and mouse, as well as the webcam and add new headphones with a microphone.

After all, Corona’s time has shown that a large part of education, work and life in general can move very quickly over the Internet. More and more school assignments, meetings, group work, and research are conducted online. Even social life is moving more and more online as it approaches us, especially young people. Thus, virtual socialization often replaces live socialization, whether we like it or not. But if we can’t see each other alive, let’s make sure we are at least well equipped so we can see and hear each other perfectly.

Practical e-readers and tablets

Tablet PCs are always more powerful, and they advance and do more and more. To a large extent, they can be used to replace traditional laptops. It’s easier to take them with you to the field or on a trip. If you spend a little more on the tablet, you will discover that it is equipped with many useful features, providing a lot of space and versatility. They can be used to process large documents, and can also be used as a video and audio recorder or as an image and graphic designer.

In the online store ECE Store A rich selection of computers, laptops, headphones and other computers awaits you marked with the DIGITAL BON ’22 badge. Check out the offer here.

What about innovations like digital paper or digital pen

The digital paper is also an interesting idea. These are tablet-like devices designed as digital notebooks, with which users may be able to replace traditional paper at some point in the future. Given the fact that we cut down forests for ordinary paper, and on the other hand we collect piles and piles of waste paper, the idea of ​​a thin and light device in which we can fit thousands upon thousands of drawings, notes, recipes, menus, instructions, drawings is very interesting and especially everything that we are used to scribbling on Leaves. And everything is tucked away, and if we are at least a little organized, it is almost impossible to store the digital paper anywhere.

Or a digital pen that offers plenty of space for exploration, skill development, fun and creativity. At the same time, it allows our creative ideas to be upgraded and applied in today’s fast-paced digital life. The digital pen is compatible with an application located on a smartphone, tablet and laptop with an invisible network, enabling accurate transfer of writing or drawing to digital form. Simply, as we draw with a digital pen or write in a notebook, the app transfers our note to our phone or tablet, where the created note can be saved as a digital copy. Purely simple, useful and interesting. right?

Otherwise, you can redeem this year’s digital coupon in style – right from the comfort of your home. Digital of course! Also in the online store ECE Store A large selection of computers are waiting for you. Pay attention to products marked with the ’22 digital coupon badge. The digital world is spinning faster than yesterday, and we will have to quickly move to no less nearly capturing it and preparing ourselves accordingly. Well, your successful online purchase with the help of digital coupon is just a few clicks away. Take a good chance!

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