Advanced Android 13 is ready for Pixel phones!

This time we have good news for all of you who love Android OS. Google has announced the end of development for the Android 13 operating system. The innovation is no longer in the beta stage and is already ready for the first smartphones of the Pixel family. During this year, the new Android 13 will also be available for smartphones from other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Asus, Nokia (HMD), Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Sony and Xiaomi.

The new Android 13 system will bring many useful innovations for smartphone users. Among them, it is worth highlighting the improved graphic interface Material You, which can also be used with mobile applications from other manufacturers. Here we also find improved privacy when sharing photos, greater privacy when searching for free Wi-Fi hotspots, and easy language switching. Users will surely be impressed with the updated silent playback mechanism as well.

The latest version of Android 13 will also be more friendly to mobile game lovers. It is packed with new options that will significantly speed up the loading of mobile games. Among them, the GAME_LOADING option will stand out in particular, which will ensure that the processor will be fully functional when loading mobile games. In practice, this means that the user will spend less time looking at the initial “image” when launching mobile games.

The new Android 13 mobile operating system has a smarter notification management system. In addition, the user will have more control over what messages will be shown to him. There’s also a brand new power management system, which should come in especially handy when connecting to Bluetooth devices. It supports the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, which enables wireless music transmission with minimal power consumption. As a result, this should slightly improve the autonomy of both smartphones and wireless headphones. In addition, the new Android 13 mobile operating system introduced support for the LC3 audio codec, which should ensure better quality music listening with lower power consumption.

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