Intel Arc A380 fills up to 55 percent faster!

Intel put the Arc A380 graphics card on sale in the Chinese market already in June of this year. As everything seems, the novelty will soon be available for purchase in conjunction with the built-in PC. The Intel Arc A380 discrete graphics card is equipped with an Intel ACM-G11 graphics core.

The ACM-G11 graphics core uses eight Xe cores at a frequency of 2000MHz to compute graphics content. 6GB of 16GB GDDR6 graphics memory is available for data storage. The graphics core and memory are connected via a 64-bit data bus. The novelty consumes up to 75 watts of electrical energy in operation.

A computer expert with the nickname ScatterBencher has proven that the Intel Arc A380 graphics card is great for cheerleading. This increased the performance of the graphics core to an impressive 3.1GHz. Thus, he obtained a 55 percent higher capacity. Although this type of graphics card will not be suitable for everyday work, computer enthusiasts have proven that the new Intel graphics cards are great for gaming. Therefore, even the most demanding users will not have any problems collecting it.

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