Mini computer with server processor!

Compact personal computers are very popular among computer enthusiasts. With the Raspberry Foundation currently dominating the field, it is not surprising that the competition is trying to outpace it with innovative products. However, at Aaeon, they went one step further, setting up an extremely compact computer system that could even be equipped with a server processor.

The Aaeon Epic-TGH7 compact computer system can be purchased with a number of processors. For less demanding users, an Intel Celeron 6600HE dual-core processor is available. For the most demanding users, up to eight cores of Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors are available. The most demanding users will be impressed with the Intel Xeon W-11865MRE server processor. It should be noted that the processors are attached to the motherboard, which means that they cannot be replaced.

The Aaeon Epic-TGH7 computer system is also equipped with up to 64 GB of system memory. Here we also find a rich selection of connectors and even support for PCIe Gen 4.0 x8 connectivity. So it’s no surprise that the Aaeon Epic-TGH7 compact computer system isn’t cheap. For the version equipped with a solid Intel Core i3 processor, a calculated 797 euros should be deducted.

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