Nikon will present itself at Kranj Foto Fest with lectures, photo walks with Arnej Hodalic, and imaging equipment testing.

As part of this year’s Krang Photo Festival, which will take place between August 24 and September 25, Nikon will also present itself with lectures, audition and rental of photographic equipment.

Kranj Foto Fest offers different perspectives to young and established photographers and visual artists from all over the world. This year, photography will shed light on topics such as: the home. space. Moving. Migrations. On the road. Fusion. homeland.

Nikon will be organizing several events as part of the festival. Show me Hodalić The first lecture will be on Thursday 25 August 2022 entitled How to prepare and design a visual story Try to shed light on the most important mistakes and problems faced by photographers who want to compose the best classic reportage story possible, in the second lecture on Monday, August 29, 2022 entitled Desert life in the Western Sahara But it will be with Katja Bedovich Introduced this unknown land in West Africa, where life stood between war and peace.

We understand that purchasing the best photography equipment can be very stressful. This is why a Nikon Technical Representative will be with you on Saturday, August 27, 2022 Andre Corini As part of the presentation titled Photography in 2022: The benefits of creativity without a mirror Try to dispel myths and at the same time confirm facts about creating images with different types of cameras to help one make the right decision when choosing and using a camera.

As part of the festival, Nikon is organizing on Saturday, August 27, 2022, Photo Walking with Arne Hodalich, which was designed as a demonstration of the practical use of various photographic equipment in a variety of photography. You can also borrow photographic equipment for the duration of the shooting at the Nikon Shooting Point. The number of places in photography is limited, so registration is mandatory.

Are you interested in more? Visit the Nikon @ KranjFotoFest 2022 website, where you will find out more about when and where individual Nikon activities will take place at the Kranj Photo Festival and you can also register for Fotosprehod.

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