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Tonight on TV you will see the highlight of the national team bustle, which will also include the amazing Luka Doncic, when Ljubljana’s Stocice hosts the match between Slovenia and Serbia.

Slovenes are passionate about sports, and we put the Slovenian national basketball team matches on our list of highlights. However, some viewers may be disappointed, as content can only be viewed on the Sportklub TV program, which is not broadcast by all major telecom providers.

If you are also a sports fanatic, there is a convenient solution for you in the palm of your hand to watch the replay of the 2017 European Championship final. You can also watch our ace basketball replay on TV content provider Predvajaj. si, which allows you to use it for free for the first three months. They also have more than 100 programs, 94 radio stations and all sports stations are completely available. With it, you will be able to ensure that you do not miss the scene presented by the Slovenes in the match against Croatia.

Online TV is also the only TV that has all the sports programs in the chart, and a time delay is offered to all users of 7 days. TV can be watched online in all EU countries, and with one subscription you can watch TV shows from three devices at the same time: via phones, tablets, computer and TV. You can find app on Google Play, Apple Store or Huawei Gallery app. You can also easily watch TV via website, LG smart TV, Samsung smart TV, Hisense TV, Amazon Fire TV and of course on all Android TVs.

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