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Well guys,

I’m creating this thread in part because I’m getting a weird confused message about buybacks into cryptocurrency and maybe one of you who texted me got stuck during this downtrend.

If you are going to use my work, it is important that you do your own due diligence. If you are looking into my business to see how it works with your business, it is of course essential that you read all the threads and be up to date.

Also, this content is only for other development techs, it’s not really for the free lunch community. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, you better do the necessary learning before making any trades. Because at the end of the day, when you make the decision to trade your trade made on your justification And no one else. Once you click the buy or sell button, it has nothing to do with me, I’m just showing you what I’m doing.

But the threads were too long and that’s why it will be easier in a group environment which I hope to finish soon where I can talk more and write less. And the official I can video here – but imo amounts to real work and I’m not doing it here.

me too Not for long encryption. I do not currently own any SHIBADIBADOG coins. I left everything over a week ago.


BTC I fell back into the range of a potential blue correction that I said some time ago that if it came back in, I would buy “Phase 2” of the alternatives.

But I said that too BTC You will need to print it rising Corrective price actions such as a descending channel To provide a suitable entry point as in the diagram here.


This could have been a so called ‘pattern breakout’ and it could have been a signal that the downtrend is weakening and possibly coming to an end.

And in a previous thread I compared it to 2018 BTC lies there a long time descending channel It was compressed before the pump.


But this is not what happens.

Instead, it just existed alcohol market Corrective bullish channels followed by dumping.

This effectively nullifies the blue band as it is a potential correction area i.e. with the pattern separated. If the bullish channels are continuation patterns as they currently appear to be BTC will go down and It will be crushed.

Any bounce ranges you’ve drawn on any alternate thread are currently invalid. They won’t last if they don’t BTC Prints nothing other than upside and dumping channels.

And who knows maybe they can find a crazy way to conserve this area but at the moment it doesn’t look good and I won’t buy it for sure UNI or any other currency under these conditions.

And look back that’s why it was so important to secure these gains like BTC Developed on the back of a file alcohol market An upward correction, not a consolidation as many think.

So we’ll see how the stock indices go next week, but it doesn’t take a genius to tell us what they look like alcohol market I added my stock short positions yesterday.

I can’t bear the cost.

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